Mid-week July – December 2017

Mid-week Meetings – Sermons here from our mid-week meetings.





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Chris Jones 14/12/17 Genesis 18 Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right
Ian Hilder
07/12/17 John 17:1-5 Jesus glorified at the Father’s right hand: Our King
Nigel Holmes 30/11/17 Genesis 3:1-9 The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.
Ian Hilder
23/11/17 John 17:1-5 Jesus glorified at the Father’s right hand: our High Priest
Ian Hilder
16/11/17 John 17:1-5 Jesus glorified in his ascension
Rowlie Price 26/10/17 John 9 The Light of the World
Ian Hilder
19/10/17 John 17:1-5 Jesus glorified in the resurrection
David Fielding 05/10/17 Luther – The Volcano
Ian Hilder
28/09/17 John 17:1-5 Christ Glorified in His Cross
Simon Clarke 21/09/17 Nehemiah 1 & 2 Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem
Nigel Holmes 17/08/17 Colossians 1:9-14 Turn around your personal battle
Chris Jones 10/08/17 Psalm 19:7-11 The Word of the Lord
Ian Hilder 27/07/17 1 John 1:5 God is Light
Stan Braybrook 06/07/17  Matthew 5:14-16 Let your light shine