PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)YouTube Video
Chris Jones02/01/2022 amJames 1:2-4How to respond to trials
Jack Milner07/06/15 amJames 1:18
The First Fruits
Neil Osborne22/10/2023 amJames 1:18-25Why listen to sermons from the word of God
Neil Osbourne15/05/2022 amJames 1:18-27Now you do it!
Simon Clarke06/10/13 pmJames 1:19-22How we are to receive the Word of God
Roger Chambers28/07/13 amJames 1:16-18The goodness of God
Simon Clarke27/10/13 pmJames 1:22-25Be doers of the Word
Simon Clarke
10/11/13 pmJames 1:26-27How we should receive and respond to God’s word
John Parsons17/08/14 pmJames 3The Tongue
David Donegani27/06/2021 amJob 28:1-28 & James 3:13-18The quest for wisdom
Ian Hilder29/09/19 pmJames 4:1-10Pride
Jack Milner01/04/07 pmJames 4:5The indwelling Spirit who yearns jealously