January & February 2024

DateText (Click to open)Title – left click to play audioLink to YouTube Video
Simon Clarke25/02/2024 pm2 Corinthians 5:14-6:2Be reconciledVideo
Simon Clarke25/02/2024 amPsalm 130The deepVideo
Alex Warren18/02/2024 pmIsaiah 25:6-12A Feast worth waiting forVideo
Andrew Birch18/02/2024 am1 Samuel 11:1-15A saviour and the SaviourVideo
Simon Clarke11/02/2024 pmJob 38-40:5Have you entered the treasury of snowVideo
Andy Ball11/02/2024 amHebrews 2:5-18Jesus – He’s my brother Video
Simon Clarke04/02/2024 pmRomans 6:1-14 The Christians daily fight of faithVideo
Simon Clarke04/02/2024 amActs 2:22-42Why be baptized?Video (sermon)

Joe Bailey28/01/2024 pmProverbs 3:31-35,
Psalm 73:25-28
The sin of envy
Andrew Birch28/01/2024 am1 Samuel 9 & 10Who is your King?
Nick Pollock21/01/2024 pmPsalm 69A Messianic PsalmVideo
Alex Warren21/01/2024 amPsalm 100A call to joyful worshipVideo
Simon Clarke14/01/2024 pmRomans 12:1-21The Post Office ScandalVideo
Ian Hilder14/01/2024 amEphesians 2:1-10What you were and what you areVideo
Robin Sydserff

Alex Warren’s Welcome Service

Order of Service
2 Timothy 1:1-7The pastoral ministry
(sermon only)
Video of the service

Video (sermon only)
Simon Clarke07/01/2024 amActs 1:1-11Make sure you are ready for Christ’s return.Video
Simon Clarke07/01/2024 pmPhilippians 3:1-4:1How are we to press on?Video