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Andrew Birch11/12/2022 amJohn 1, Hebrews:1-10What is Christmas all about?YouTube Video
Ian Hilder10/01/2016 amJohn 1:1-12The eternal Word
Simon ClarkeChristmas Day 2018John1v1-14More than just a gift
Ian Hilder17/12/2017 amJohn 1:15The Word became flesh
Peter MacKenzie14/02/10 amJohn 1:1-18He made his dwelling amongst us.
Nigel Brunsden12/08/2007 amJohn 1:14Full of Grace
Ian Hilder17/01/2016 amJohn 1:29Behold the Lamb of God
John Harris
09/03/14 amJohn 1:35-39Become a Christian
Peter Mackenzie07/10/12 amJohn 1:35-42Our relationship with Jesus Christ
John Harris
09/03/14 pmJohn 1:43-51What is a true Christian
Jay Modha07/08/11 amJohn 2:1-11The wedding at Cana
Roger Hitchings01/05/11 pmJohn 2:1-12Wedding at Cana
Ian Hilder20/11/16 amJohn 2:13-22Christ cleanses the temple
Gareth Crossley22/09/13 amJohn 2:23-3:21Jesus meets with Nicodemus
Jack Milner04/03/12 amJohn 2:23-3:21You must be born again
Alan Stenfalt24/07/11 pmJohn 3You must be born again
Bill Peterson06/02/11 pmJohn 3:1-21New birth and new life
Daniel Webber10/02/2008 pmJohn 3:16The fullness of God’s Love
Simon Clarke30/06/2019_amJohn 3:16
The most extraordinary love
Simon Clarke25/12/2023 amJohn 3:16Come to God in Christ
John Harris23/10/2022 amJohn 3:1-21Are you born again?
Simon Clarke24/04/2008John 3:17Rejoice in the Lord
Alex Warren11/06/2023 amJohn 4:1-42Exciting News
Alasdair McLaren20/02/2022 pmJohn 4:3-26Worship God in spirit and truth
John Harris25/07/10 amJohn 4:22-27Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke11/08/2019_amJohn 4:39-45Take God at his Word
John Harris18/01/2009 amJohn 4:43-54Royal Official’s Son healed
Peter Mackenzie23/07/2023 amJohn 5:14-40Come to Jesus
Gareth Crossley
07/07/13 amJohn 5:31-47Jesus, the Christ, the son of God
John Harris16/01/11 amJohn 5:46-47You must believe the words of Christ
István Borzási14/09/2008 amJohn 6:1-15Feeding the 5 thousand
Simon Clarke13/06/2021 amJohn 6:22-59To live you must eat of the living bread
Jack Milner14/12/14 pmJohn 6:40What is God’s will?
Simon Clarke21/10/2018 pmJohn 7:37-39Jesus, the water of life
Kevin Ball08/01/2023 amJohn7:53-8:11JESUS disarms an awkward situation and declares an amnesty for sinYouTube Video
Bill Paterson
06/04/14 pmJohn 8:12Jesus Christ the Light of the World
Bill Paterson20/02/2022 amJohn 8:12-20I am the light of the world
Jack Milner03/02/13 amJohn 8:31-38Slavery and freedom
Eric Aldritt11/08/13 pmJohn 9:4The Night is Coming
Eric Alldritt30/11/14 amJohn 9:4The night is coming
David Davies07/06/2015 pmJohn 10
Christ & His people
Jason Murfitt26/10/14 am John 10:1-21The Good Shepherd
Peter Mackenzie28/12/14 amJohn 10:22-42Christ Jesus – God who is man
Simon Clarke01/03/2020_pmJohn 10:9I am the door
Jason Murfitt24/06/12 pmJohn 10:10Life to the full
Mike Stringer19/10/14 amJohn 10:10The abundant life of God
Simon Clarke08/03/20_pmJohn 10:14I am the good shepherd
Ian Hilder16/10/16 am John 11:1-46The raising of Lazarus
John Harris24/11/13 amJohn 11:1-44Martha’s Chapter: her faith and reward
Simon Clarke24/11/2019_amJohn 11:1-44What’s your answer to death?
Simon Clarke19/02/2023 amJohn 11:17-44There were never such devoted sistersYouTube Video
Julian Hurst15/05/11 amJohn 11:1-46Jesus wept
Tim Berry13/04/2008 amJohn 11:14-46I came, I saw, I conquered
Simon Clarke20/05/07 amJohn 11:35Jesus wept
John Harris29/01/2023 amJohn 12:1-11LazarusYouTube Video
Simon Clarke28/03/2021John 12:12-19What sort of King is Jesus?
Simon Clarke01/10/2023 amJohn 12:20-36A Bumper HarvestVideo
Simon Clarke22/09/2019_amJohn 12:20-36The harvest from Christ’s death
Simon Clarke28/09/14 amJohn 12:24The first fruit of Christ’s death
Andy Ball30/08/2009 pmJohn 13:1The full extent of the love of Christ
Simon Clarke15/10/2023 pmJohn 13:1-11Jesus washes the feet
Peter Milsom17/01/10 pmJohn 13:1-17Humility
Andrew Birch10/04/2022 amJohn 13:21-35Our love for one another
Simon Clarke02/06/2024 pmJohn 13:21-14:21A home and a hope for a troubled heartVideo
Colin Vincent29/05/11 pmJohn 14:1-3The Lord Comfort’s Hearts
Daniel Webber17/10/10 amJohn 14:1-6Why the Christian believes in Heaven
Daniel Webber17/10/10 pmJohn 14:1-6What is heaven like and how to get there
Hugh Collier23/11/14 amJohn 14:1-6A home in Heaven and how to get there
John Harris10/08/14 pmJohn 14:2-3Heaven is our Home
Philip Raine28/05/2023 pmJohn 14:15-27The work of the Holy Spirit
Simon Clarke01/10/2023 pmJohn 14:15-31The Holy SpiritVideo
Stan Braybrook
11/05/14 pmJohn 14:16The work and presence of the Spirit of God
Simon Clarke
30/03/14 pmJohn 14:21Knowing God
Mike Stringer27/07/2008 pmJohn 15:1-8Living the Christian life in Christ’s absence
Jack Milner04/03/12 pmJohn 16Ask of the Father
Simon Clarke01/05/2008John 16:5-28Jesus’ departure
Simon Clarke21/06/2009 pmJohn 17The work of the cross of Christ
Peter MacKenzie27/12/2015 amJohn 17
United, delighted and separated
Simon Clarke16/12/07 amJohn 19:1-10Christ came to seek and to save those who were lost
Josh Harrison24/09/2023 pmJohn 19:16-30Four Simple Words
Ian Hilder10/04/2020John 19:16b-30I thirst
Simon Clarke20/03/11 amJohn 19:26-27Christ’s words to Mary & John
Simon Clarke03/04/11 amJohn 19:28Jesus said “I thirst”
John Harris26/07/2015 amJohn 19:28-42
Joseph of Arimathea
Simon Clarke10/04/11 amJohn 19:30IT is finished
Ian Hilder20/03/16 amJohn 19:30It is finished
Ian Hilder12/04/2020John 20:1-10The empty tomb
Ian Hilder27/03/16 amJohn 20:1-18The first encounter with the risen Christ
Ian Hilder03/04/16 amJohn 20:19-31Thomas believes
Simon Clarke19/04/2020John 20:19-31Where you can find true life and happiness
Simon Clarke11/04/2021John 20:19-31What can we learn from ‘Doubting Thomas’?
Ian Hilder10/04/16 pmJohn 21:1-14Breakfast with friends
Ian Hilder17/04/16 pmJohn 21:15-25Jesus asks “Do you love me?”
Simon Clarke21/04/19_amJohn 20:10-30The foundation of timeless joy
Paul Oliver24/05/2009 amJohn 20:17A glorious message
Steven Carter29/05/2008John 20:19-23The Apostles Commissioned
Simon Clarke07/04/2024 amJohn 20:19-31Believe what you have heardVideo
Simon Clarke07/04/2024 pmJohn 20:24-31Sinful self preoccupation
Simon Clarke23/03/2008 amJohn 20:20Joy
Simon Clarke
05/04/15 pmJohn 20:20
Be glad
Simon Clarke23/04/2017 pmJohn 20:24-30True happiness
Simon Clarke
27/04/14 pmJohn 20:26-29Thomas believed
Simon Clarke
23/03/2008 amJohn 20:30Love in action
Simon Clarke18/04/2021John 21:1-25Follow me: lessons in Christian discipleship from Peter – Part 1
Simon Clarke25/04/2021John 21:14-25Follow me: lessons in Christian discipleship from Peter – Part 2
Simon Clarke09/05/2021John 21:1-25Follow me: lessons in Christian discipleship from Peter – Part 3