Acts – Simon Clarke

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Simon Clarke08/01/2017 pmActs 1:1-14The prospect of the advance of the gospel
Simon Clarke29/12/2019_am
Acts 1:9-11The comings of the Lord Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke15/01/2017 pmActs 1:15-26How to resolve issues
Simon Clarke22/01/2017 amActs 2:1-42Pentecost
Simon Clarke29/01/2017 pmActs 2:42-47The true nature of Church life
Simon Clarke05/02/2017 pmActs 3:1-4:31The name of Jesus
Simon Clarke26/02/2017 amActs 4:31-5:11Be aware of seriousness and subtlety of sin
Simon Clarke03/01/10 amActs 1:1-11Jesus returns to Heaven from Earth
Simon Clarke10/01/10 amActs 1:11The glorious certain future – the return of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke20/05/12 pmActs 1:9-11Ascension and Enthronement
Simon Clarke23/05/10 pmActs 2:1-33Pentecost
Simon Clarke15/12/13 pmAct 2:22-47Why be baptised?
Simon Clarke11/05/2008 amActs 2:22-47Fourfold declaration of Christ
Chris Davies24/05/2015 amAct 2:42-47
Simon Clarke23/08/2009 pmActs 4:12What is so special about Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke05/03/2017 amActs 5:12-42What are we to make of Christianity and its teaching?
Simon Clarke12/03/2017 pmActs 6:1-7A turning of the tables
Simon Clarke19/03/2017 pmActs 6:8-8:3Stephen: man, message, martyr
Simon Clarke26/03/2017 pmActs 8:4-25Know for sure the power and joy of Jesus
Simon Clarke02/04/2017 pmActs 8:26-40How people get converted
Simon Clarke09/04/2017 pm

Acts 9:1-19The astonishing grace and power of God
Simon Clarke23/04/2017 amActs 9:19b-30Saved to serve
Simon Clarke30/04/2017 amActs 9:31A Strong Church
Simon Clarke07/05/2017 amActs 9:32-43Given the gospel’s unique power we should confidently proclaim it
Simon Clarke14/05/2017 amActs 10:17-11:18The good news really is for ALL
Simon Clarke21/05/2017 amActs 11:19-30What makes a vibrant church?
Simon Clarke04/06/2017 pmActs 12The progress of Christ’s gospel is assured
Simon Clarke11/06/2017 pmActs 13:1-12The thrilling key to mission
Simon Clarke25/06/2017 amActs 13:13-52Paul preaching at Prisidia
Simon Clarke23/07/2017 amActs 14:1-7Three requirements for Gospel success
Simon Clarke30/07/2017 amActs 14:8-20Trust Christ and turn to Him
Simon Clarke06/08/2017 amActs 14:21-26Strengthening the converts
Simon Clarke13/08/2017 pmActs 14:24-28The end of Paul & Barnabas’ first missionary journey
Simon Clarke27/08/2017 pmActs 15:1-31Saved through faith alone
Simon Clarke03/09/2017 pmActs 15:30-16:5The power of the gospel
Simon Clarke10/09/2017 amActs 16:1-15The Lord opened Lydia’s heart
Simon Clarke17/09/2017 pmActs 16:16-24The best of freedoms fiercely opposed
Simon Clarke01/10/2017 amActs 16:23-31An urgent question and a life changing answer
Simon Clarke01/10/2017 pmActs 16:35-40When to seek Justice from the Law
Simon Clarke08/10/2017 amActs 17:1-10Theological Snap
Simon Clarke22/10/2017 amActs 17:10-15The Bereans Received the Word
Simon Clarke29/10/2017 amActs 17:16-34The motive, method and message of Paul preaching in Athens
Simon Clarke29/10/2017 pmActs 17:22-34The message of resurrection
Simon Clarke12/11/2017 pmActs 18:1-17Paul at Corinth
Simon Clarke19/11/2017 amActs 18:18-23Paul’s return to Antioch
Simon Clarke19/11/2017 pmActs 18:24-28How potential is released
Simon Clarke03/12/2017 pmActs 19:8-20How the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed
Simon Clarke10/12/2017 amActs 19:21-22 & 20:1-17For the love of the Church
Simon Clarke31/12/2017 amActs 20:17-38How will you live in 2018?
Simon Clarke07/01/2018 pmActs 20:17-38The greatness of faithful Word ministry
Simon Clarke14/01/2018 pmActs 20:28-35The heart and preciousness of pastoral care
Simon Clarke21/01/2018 amActs 20:22-24How precious is your life to you?
Simon Clarke28/01/2018 amActs 21:1-17How not to be blown off course as a Christian
Simon Clarke04/02/2018 amActs 21:17 – 22:29Believe the truth and know the power of Christianity
Simon Clarke04/02/2018 pmActs 22:30 – 23:10Being confident in the Resurrection
Simon Clarke18/02/2018 amActs 24Don’t delay, come today
Simon Clarke04/03/2018 pmActs 25The wonder working ways of God
Simon Clarke11/03/2018 pmActs 26What a mighty thing it is to become and be a Christian
Simon Clarke25/03/2018 pmActs 27 – 28:1God’s mercy is revealed, believed and witnessed to
Simon Clarke01/04/2018 pm
Acts 26:1-8Resurrection – something old and new
Simon Clarke
23/02/2020_pmActs 26:1-20Spiritual eye surgery
Simon Clarke08/04/2018 pmActs 28:1-10The unsearchable blessings of God
Simon Clarke15/04/2018 amActs 28:11-16Arrival at Rome – give thanks and take courage