July & August 2017






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Simon Clarke 27/08/2017 pm Acts 15:1-31 Saved through faith alone
Jonathan Robinson 27/08/2017 am Matthew 9:35-38  The Lord of the Harvest
Ian Hilder 20/08/2017 pm Hebrews 10:19-25 Running and completing the race
Ian Hilder 20/08/2017 am Isaiah13-24 He’s got the whole world in His hands
Simon Clarke 13/08/2017 pm Acts 14:24-28 The end of Paul & Barnabas’ first missionary journey
Ian Hilder 13/08/2017 am Isaiah 12 Sing praises to the King
Simon Clarke 06/08/2017 pm Psalm 84:9-12 Blessed is he whose trust is in the LORD
Simon Clarke 06/08/2017 am Acts 14:21-26 Strengthening the converts
Simon Clarke 30/07/2017 pm Psalm 84:5-8  The best of journeys
Simon Clarke 30/07/2017 am Acts 14:8-20 Trust Christ and turn to Him
Ian Hilder 23/07/2017 pm  Isaiah 11:1-16 Our Glorious Hope
Simon Clarke 23/07/2017 am Acts 14:1-7 Three requirements for Gospel success
Ian Hilder 16/07/2017 pm  Isaiah 9:6-7 The coming of the King
Ian Hilder 16/07/2017 am  Mark 15:23 Jesus drank all the cup of God’s wrath
Ian Hilder 09/07/2017 pm  Isaiah 8:11-9:7 Two ways to live
Ian Hilder 09/07/2017 am Revelation 21 Good Better Best
Ian Hilder 02/07/2017 pm Isaiah 7:1 – 8:10 Immanuel
Alex Warren 02/07/2017 am Psalm 29 God still speaks today