Mark – others

Stan Braybrook19/11/12 amMark 1:40-45Be clean
Simon Clarke24/02/2019 amMark 1:40-45Jesus Christ is willing to cleanse YOU from your sin
Simon Clarke09/09/07 pmMark 2Good News
Ian Hilder05/11/2017 pmMark 2:1-12What is your deepest need?
Simon Clarke17/11/2019_pmMark 2:1-12Who do you say Jesus is?
Kevin Ball26/06/11 pmMark 2:23-28The Sabbath
Ian Hilder03/03/19 pmMark 3:7-35Who are the true followers?
Simon Clarke18/03/07 pmMark 3:33-35The family of Christ
Simon Clarke18/09/16 amMark 4:3-9The parable of the sower
Simon Clarke25/03/12 pmMark 4:26-29The parable of the growing seed
Simon Clarke23/09/12 amMark 4:26-29The parable of the growing seed
Simon Clarke06/05/2018 amMark 4:26-29The ever growing kingdom
Ian Hilder05/01/2020_pmMark 4:35-41The Storm
Michael Prest06/11/16 amMark 5:1-20The demon possessed man
Jonathan Robinson11/02/2018 pmMark 5:21-43The glory of Christ
David Donegani05/05/2019_amMark 6:1-6Jesus the Carpenter
Simon Clarke08/09/2019_pmMark 6:33-34A call for gospel compassion
Jack Milner30/08/2015 amMark 7:37
The deaf and dumb healed
Simon Clarke08/07/2007 pmMark 8:22-38Baptismal Service – What it means to be a Christian
Ian Hilder14/08/16 pmMark 10:17-31The man with everything who had nothing
John Harris12/01/2020_amMark 10:17-21Eternal life
John Harris12/01/2020_pmMark 10:46-52Blind Bartimaeus
Ian Hilder19/05/2019_pmMark 14:12-26
The Lord’s Table
Ian Hilder18/03/2018 pmMark 14:12-32The Shepherd struck and the sheep scattered
Jonathan Robinson11/11/2018 pmMark 15:16-41Deliverance from sin
Ian Hilder16/07/2017 amMark 15:23Jesus drank all the cup of God’s wrath