March & April 2023

PreacherDateText (Click to open)Title – left click to play audioLink to YouTube Video
Andy Ball30/04/2023 amHebrews 11:32 – 12:3 & 12:28-29Running the Christian Race can feel hard. Look to Jesus.Video
Andrew Birch30/04/2023 pm1 Samuel 7:2-17He can turn our mourning into dancingVideo
Simon Clarke23/04/2023 amMark 11:12-26Jesus curses the fig tree
Simon Clarke23/04/2023 pm1 Corinthians 1:1-9Seeing – the grace of God
Nathan Pomeroy22/04/2023Ephesians 2God’s New Building
Simon Clarke16/04/2023 amMark 10:46-52May Christ’s mercy be sought and known in your lifeVideo
David Donegani16/04/2023 pm1 Peter 4:12-19Suffer wellVideo
Simon Clarke09/04/2023 amMatthew 27:35 – 28:1-20
He is not here for he is risenVideo
Simon Clarke09/04/2023 pmEphesians 1:15 -2:10
Simon Clarke02/04/2023 amMark 11:1-11Honour the King of Kings with the whole of your life.Video
David Donegani02/04/2023 pm1 Peter 4:7-11The end is nearVideo
Simon Clarke26/03/2023 amMark 10:32-45Suffering servantsVideo
Barry Cooke26/03/2023 pmNehemiah 1:1-11Just another dayVideo
Simon Terry19/03/2023 amPsalm 34A poignant placeVideo
Andrew Birch19/03/2023 pm1 Samuel 6:1 – 7:2What attributes do you give to God today?Video
Simon Clarke12/03/2023 pmMark 10:17-31The Man who couldn’t countVideo
Pete Petra12/03/2023 am1 Corinthians 15Encouragement in ServiceVideo
Joshua Rowe05/03/2023 amGalatians 2:1-14The consistency of a genuine gospelVideo
Simon Clarke05/03/2023 pmMark 10:13-16Be sure to learn from little childrenVideo