PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)YouTube Video
Simon Clarke14/06/09 pmEphesians 1:1-14The Grace of God
Simon Clarke03/11/19 pmEphesians 1:1-14Believers – This is what is gloriously true of you
Simon Clarke04/06/2023 pmEphesians 1:3-14The Trinity
Simon Clarke10/09/2023 pmEphesians 1:15-23God’s sovereign purposes for His people
Simon Clarke09/04/2023 pmEphesians 1:15 -2:10Resurrection
Jonathan Robinson28/08/16 amEphesians 1:17Prayer for spiritual wisdom
Simon Clarke01/12/13 pmEphesians 1:17-18Know what is the hope of His calling
Simon Clarke10/09/17 pmEphesians 1:17-18What God wants you to know
Nathan Pomeroy22/04/2023Ephesians 2God’s New Building
Ian Hilder14/01/2024 amEphesians 2:1-10What you were and what you are
Kevin Ball12/04/15 amEphesians 2 & 3The Mystery Revealed
Simon Clarke28/06/09 pmEphesians 2:1-10It is God who brings new spiritual life to the spiritually dead
Mike Stringer22/11/09 amEphesians 2:1-10Saved by grace
Daniel Webber
14/01/07 pmEphesians 2:8-10Listen
Peter Rush21/08/11 amEphesians 2:8-10Salvation by grace
Simon Clarke03/03/2024 pmEphesians 2:11-22A holy temple of the Lord
Jonathan Robinson16/09/18 amEphesians 2:19-22The dwelling place of God
Simon Clarke06/08/2023 pmEphesians 3:14-21Grow in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ
Alex Warren10/03/2024 amEphesians 3:14-21Praying for our fellow brethren
Simon Clarke03/12/2023 amEphesians 4:1-32WHO makes disciples of Jesus?Video
Jonathan Robinson24/03/19 amEphesians 4:1-6Walk in unity
Simon Clarke04/10/15 amEphesians 4:1-16
What is just all about
Mike Stringer28/06/15 pmEphesians 4:17 – 5:2
Information into transformation
Ian Hilder20/10/19 pmEphesians 4:26-32Anger
Mike Stringer21/10/07 amEphesians 4:32Forgiveness The Greatest Goal
Bill Patterson05/08/12 pmEphesians 5:14Awakened to God’s Grace
Simon Clarke18/02/18 pmEphesians 5:1-21Walk in wisdom
Andrew Birch22/05/2022 pmEphesians 5:21-32Love the Church
Simon Clarke
18/01/15 amEphesians 5:25Church The Bride of Christ
Simon Clarke
25/01/15 amEphesians 5:25-27The church sanctified to Christ
Jason Gillespie15/06/08 pmEphesians 6:4Husbands
Alan Levy04/09/11 amEphesians 6:10-13God’s Protecting Armour
Simon Clarke01/11/15 amEphesians 6:10-24The church “The Army”
Simon Clarke05/05/2024 pmEphesians 6:10-24Spiritual warfare: The wiles of the devil
Alan Levy04/09/11 pmEphesians 6:14-20The Armour of God
Simon Clarke04/03/07 amEphesians 6:14bThe Breastplate of Righteousness
Simon Clarke18/03/07 amEphesians 6:15Shod with the gospel of peace
Simon Clarke25/03/07 amEphesians 6:16The Shield of Faith
Simon Clarke15/04/07 amEphesians 6:17aThe helmet of salvation
Simon Clarke22/04/07 amEphesians 6:17bThe sword of the Spirit
John Eardley04/09/2022 pmEphesians 6:18Prayer
Simon Clarke
18/02/07 amEphesians 6:11-18The WHOLE armour of God
Simon Clarke06/05/07 amEphesians 6:10-17Review 1: The Whole Armour Of God
Simon Clarke13/05/07 amEphesians 6:10-17Review 2: The Whole Armour Of God
Simon Clarke10/06/07 amEphesians 6:18All Prayer
Simon Clarke24/06/07 amEphesians 6:18Watchfulness to prayer
Simon Clarke
25/02/07 amEphesians 6:14aStand girded with truth
Simon Clarke08/07/07 amEphesians 6:18Prayer for all the saints
Simon Clarke19/08/07 amEphesians 6:19-20Pray for Gospel Preachers
Simon Clarke26/08/07 amEphesians 6:21-22The Lessons of Tychicus
Simon Clarke02/09/07 amEphesians 6:23Peace of God
Simon Clarke09/09/07 amEphesians 6:23Time
Simon Clarke16/09/07 amEphesians 6:23Love of God in Christ
Simon Clarke23/09/07 amEphesians 6:23Love
Simon Clarke07/10/07 amEphesians 6:23Love with Faith
Simon Clarke04/11/07 amEphesians 6:24Grace
Simon Clarke18/11/07 amEphesians 6:24Grace eternal