Thought for the Day

Feeding the flock during Covid lockdown.

These are now quite old, but feel free to watch them again. They are a week-day daily 5-minute video reflection, applying a verse from the bible to life in lockdown, brought to you by our elders, Simon and Chris with a few guests from time to time.

May 2021Thought for the day has now come to an end
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19 WedCome, come!Rev. 22:17-21Simon
18 TueLet’s Magnify ChristPhil.1:20Chris
17 MonSolomon’s conclusion as to how to lead your lifeEccl. 12:13-14Stan
14 FriA sight that tips the balance of the scales2 Cor. 4:16-18Simon
13 ThuI’ve started so I’ll finishPhil. 1:6Simon
12 WedA better way to calculate!Judg. 7:2Simon
11 TueIt’s good to give thanksPs. 92:1-2Chris
10 MonThe Lord’s carePs. 139: 7, 9-10Alasdair
7 FriOh, please comePs. 101:2Simon
6 ThuA face we shall seeRev. 22:4Simon
5 WedA distinctive privilege
Ps. 69:13Simon
4 TueTwo Books to ReadGen. 39 ffChris
30 FriSteps to takeJohn 3:1-21 (7:50 & 19:39)Simon
29 ThuAll the moreMark 10:48Simon
28 WedDon’t lose heartMark 4:26-29Simon
27 TueThe Macedonian Equation2 Cor. 8:2Chris
26 MonHow will you use your life?Eccl. 3:2Stan
23 FriA dragon is slainHeb 2:14Simon
22 ThuHearing loss or hearing gain?Luke 8:18Simon
21 WedThe Queen and the King of KingsLuke 1:33Simon
20 TueThe Pioneer of our FaithHeb. 12:2Chris
16 FriThe Duke and the PrinceActs 3:15Simon
15 ThuA certainty to treasure and bank onJosh. 23:14Simon
14 WedA topical reason not to fearMatt. 10:30Simon
13 TueLonging to see ‘face to face’1 Thess. 2:17Chris
12 Mon“… let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”Ps. 105:3Alasdair
9 Fri5 words by which to live!Eph. 5:18Simon
8 ThuYes, I will!Luke 5:5Simon
7 WedWhy Jesus’ resurrection is such good news today!Rom. 4:25Simon
6 TueThose he justified, he also glorifiedRom. 8:29,30Chris
5 MonThe Emmaus Road EncounterLuke 24:13-35Stan
2 FriEaster Anger, Abandonment and AcceptanceMark 15:33-38Simon
1 ThuHow to be wiseMatt. 7:24-27Simon
31 WedCostly devotionMark 14:3-6Simon
30 TueThe Great ExchangeRom. 8:29,30Chris
26 FriSomething to remember when it’s toughDeut. 11:23Simon
25 ThuGive yourself a spiritual de-clutter
Gal. 2:20Simon
24 WedThe cancelling of the TOTAL sum you owe.1 John 1:7Simon
23 TueBe even more diligent …2 Peter 1:10Chris
22 MonThe antidote to wearinessHeb. 12:1-3Alasdair
19 FriEvery reason to be satisfiedPhil. 3:8,9Simon
18 ThuOne of the things lockdown can’t restrictPhil. 3:13Simon
17 WedTo know Him as much as its possible for me to do so.Phil. 3:8-10Simon
16 TueGod’s callingRom. 8:29,30Chris
15 MonRemember we have a Helper/ComforterJohn 14:16Stan
12 FriCompassion fatigue?Mark 1:41, 9:22,
Matt. 14:14, 15:32, 20:34
11 ThuHearts and kidneysLuke 10:33, 15:20Simon
10 WedLockdown weight lossHeb. 12:1Simon
9 TueRoadmap Step 1Rom. 8:29,30Chris
8 MonOthers, not selfRom. 12:15Simon
5 FriA treasure worth learningPhil. 4:11Simon
4 ThuCan this be so?Ps. 149:4Simon
3 WedA sight to keep you goingJob 19:26Simon
2 Tue“Percy”2 Thes. 3:5Chris
1 MonWhat is precious to you?Ps. 36: 7Alasdair
26 FriA stunning promise – grasp it firmly with both hands!Rom. 8:32Simon
25 ThuComfort and strength for the discouraged and weak2 Thes. 2:16,17Simon
24 WedWhat to do when you’re overwhelmedPs. 62:8Simon
23 TueYou are the Potter, we are the ClayIsa. 64:8Chris
22 MonThe gospel in a sentenceRom. 6:23Stan
19 FriTime to start counting!Eph. 1:3Simon
18 ThuComfort and encouragement in 4 wordsPs. 23:4Simon
17 WedAsh Wednesday: repentance and self-denial
Luke 9:23Simon
16 TueBinding and WritingProv. 3:3-4Chris
12 FriPlease help me to be patientCol. 1:11Simon
11 ThuLet the thirsty drink to their heart’s contentRev. 22:17Simon
10 WedYou and Christ; Christ and youGal. 2:20Simon
9 TueWhen in a fix Proverbs 3:5&6Prov. 3:5,6Chris
8 MonWhat of your plans?Acts 16:1-10Alasdair
5 FriBurdened, burning or bursting?Luke 24:32Simon
4 ThuPlease, LORD, keep mePs. 25:20Simon
3 WedAll the way my Saviour leads meEx. 13:17Simon
2 TueThe God of PeaceRom. 15:33Chris
1 MonJoyful Expectation or Fearful ConcernMatt. 25:31-46Stan
29 FriThe willingness of Jesus towards youMark 1:41Simon
28 ThuDo not grieve the Holy SpiritEph. 4:30Simon
27 WedHe has done all things wellMark 7:37Simon
26 TueThe God of Patience and ComfortRom. 15:5Chris
22 FriThe Amazing Christ!Col. 1:16 (15-23)Simon
21 ThuEncouragement to press onPhil. 3:12,14Simon
20 WedWe shall not be moved
Ps. 16:8Simon
19 TueThe God of HopeRom. 15:13Chris
18 MonThis JesusActs 2:23,32,36Alasdair
15 FriWhen it snowsIsa. 55:10,11Simon
14 ThuGuarding heart and mouth!Jas. 1:19,20Simon
13 WedWhat to do when you’re losing heartPs. 27:13Simon
12 TueA longing for GodPs. 84Chris
11 MonYou have not passed this way beforeJosh. 3:4Stan
8 FriA remarkable findLuke 19:10Simon
7 ThuFurther stirringsHag. 1:14Simon
6 WedStirring stuff!Ezra 1:1,5Simon
5 TueThe God who is nearPs. 145Chris
1 FriThe New Year’s MenuJosh. 5:12Simon
31 ThuFrankincense and myrrhMatt. 2:11Simon
30 WedThe gold of our obedienceMatt. 2:11Simon
29 TueJesus never changesHeb. 13:8Chris
28 MonWho is standing with you?2 Tim. 4:16-18Alasdair
24 ThuBecoming something new because of ChristmasJohn 1:12Simon
23 WedHe both came and became!John 1:14Simon
22 TueThe Sun has risenLuke 1:78Chris
21 MonThe End of a Long WaitLuke 2:25-35Stan
18 FriToday’s the day!2 Cor. 6:2Simon
17 ThuA remarkable lesson from swaddlingLuke 2:7 (& Job 38:9)Simon
16 WedSeeing the KingIsa. 6:5 (John 12:41)Simon
15 TueReady Servants2 Sam. 15:15Chris

11 FriTears and joyPs. 30:5Simon
10 ThuIt needs to be personalActs 2:21Simon
09 WedProven to be reliableMatt. 2:5Simon
08 TueB.L.E.S.S.3 John 2Chris
07 MonLooking to JesusHeb. 12:2Alasdair
04 FriMaking Covid days a turning point for goodEph. 1:17Simon
03 ThuKnowing where to go when you’re in the doldrumsPs. 103:8Simon
02 WedA sign of sanity not madness!
Ps. 103:1,22Simon
01 TueBlack Friday?Ps. 85:10Chris
30 MonGod has given you talents – use themMatt. 25:14-30Stan
27 FriSomething to look forward to2 Pet. 3:13-14Simon
26 ThuA lockdown change for good1 Thess. 3:11-13Simon
25 WedI can pray like this, tooPhil. 1:9-11Simon
24 TueGo in the strength you haveJudg. 6:14Chris
20 FriThe remedy for the global crisisRom. 6:23Simon
19 Thu“With”: not once, not twice, BUT three times!Ps. 130Simon
18 WedSomething to exhilarate the heart1 Tim. 1:15Simon
17 TueThe Pearl of Great PriceMatt.13:45-46Chris
16 MonJesus … having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the endJohn 13:1Alasdair
13 FriA great help when fearfulIsa. 41:13Simon
12 ThuWhy today needs to be a day of reckoning for youRom. 6:11Simon
11 WedRemember this sacrifice and victory, tooJohn 15:13Simon
10 Tueslogans, reminders & commandmentsJosh. 22:5Chris
9 MonJesus is coming again – so we must prepareMatt. 25:1-13Stan
6 FriSomething God doesn’t rememberIsa. 43:25Simon
5 ThuSomething really worth rememberingEph. 2:11 ffSimon
4 WedA restriction worse than lockdown2 Cor. 6:12Simon
3 TuePower and MercyPs. 62:11-12Chris

30 FriRediscovering gemsMatt. 4:17Simon
29 ThuBe beautifully dressed today!Eph. 6:14Simon
28 WedThe extraordinary love of God for the unworthyLuke 15:20Simon
27 TueCast your burdens on HimPs. 55:22Chris
26 MonThe blessings of being forgivenPs. 32:1 Alasdair
23 FriThe help we need and the reason why1 Cor. 10:31, Heb. 4:16Simon
22 ThuFree from Covid restrictions2 Tim. 2:9Simon
21 WedEncouraging news about this morningLam. 3:22Simon
20 TueThe Steps of a Good ManPs. 37:23-24Chris

16 Fri So, is there anything which won’t ever fail you?Josh. 23:14Simon
15 ThuWhen your very heart fails you. What then?Ps. 73:26Simon
14 WedThrilling news for todayPs. 103:10Simon
13 TueDelight yourself in the LordPs. 37:4Chris
12 MonThanksgiving Ps. 100Alasdair
9 Fri Be a delight to God today.Prov. 15:8Simon
8 ThuSurvey the wondrous cross Rom. 5:8Simon
7 WedWords you can believe and build your life upon today.Ps. 119:160Simon
6 TueThe Lord who provides1 Kgs. 17Chris

2 FriSomething to chew over (32 times!)Ps. 94:19Simon
1 ThuDeep delight in deep distress
Ps. 94:19Simon
30 WedCan we really know delight and comfort within anxiety?Ps. 94:19Simon
29 TueOpen our Eyes, Lord2 Kgs. 6Chris
28 MonThe Steadfast Love of the LordPs. 103:15-17Alasdair
25 FriMake space – but make room to encourageHeb. 10:25Simon
24 ThuFace coverings and uncovered faces2 Cor. 3:18
(Background: Ex. 34)
23 WedWash your handsJas. 4:8Simon
22 TueHaggai’s two questionsChris
18 FriThe crowd that is good newsRev. 7:9Simon
17 ThuThe 6th hourMatt. 27:45Simon
16 WedThe LORD your God is a consuming fireDeut. 4:24Simon
15 TueA new yokeMatt. 11:29-30Chris
14 MonBut we see JesusHeb. 2:8-9Alasdair
11 FriThe Christmas they can’t cancel2 Cor. 8:9Simon
10 Thu Some humbled themselves2 Chr. 30:11Simon
9 Wed A sudden turn for the better2 Chr. 29:36Simon
8 Tue Where to find restMatt. 11:28Chris
7 Mon A prayer that prevailsLuke 22v32Simon
4 Fri The “wait” we can all enjoy1 Thes. 1:10, Tit. 2:13, Heb. 9:28 Simon
3 Thu An ambition for these Covid daysEph. 1:17Simon
2 Wed What the Shepshed fields remind us ofMatt. 9:37-38Simon
1 Tue The end and the beginningIsa. 46:10Chris
28 Fri Reasons to trust God, come what may!2 Sam. 15:26Simon
27 Thu Sing praises to God, sing praises!Ps. 47:6Simon
26 Wed Yes, Jesus’ blood covers the believer’s EVERY sin!1 John 1:7Simon
21 Fri How to avoid wedding shame!Matt. 22:1-14Simon
20 Thu Go on, boast!Jer. 9:24Simon
19 Wed Where is safe from the raging fire?1 Thes. 1:10Simon
14 Fri Discovering that it was for youJohn 1:29Simon
13 Thu Sovereign Lord, reign in meLuke 19:14Simon
12 Wed Delight to tune your ears to this voiceLuke 9:35Simon
7 Fri Body Builders1 Thes. 5:11Simon
6 Thu Building a dwelling place that is fit for God1 Cor. 3:16Simon
5 Wed Remember you’re aliveRom. 6:11Simon
31 Fri Be careful where you plant your feet!1 Cor. 3:11Simon
30 Thu A necessary demolition work2 Cor. 10:4 Simon
29 Wed The time to be ground-breaking Hos. 10:12bSimon
24 Fri Be encouraged by what Jesus is doing right now1 John 2:1Simon
23 Thu Where do the Father and Son make their home?John 14:23Simon
22 Wed What’s your address?Ps. 90:1Simon
17 Fri A sight to savour and stir.1 John 3:2-3Simon
16 Thu It really doesn’t get any better than this!Mat. 13:16Simon
15 Wed When seeing is caring.Gen. 16:13Simon
10 Fri His desire is toward meSong. 7:10Simon
9 Thu The rebellion of joyHab. 3:18Simon
8 Wed The marvellous justice of God!1 John 1:9Simon
3 Fri Come on in!John 19:19Simon
2 Thu Please, make sure you know HimActs 17:23Simon
1 Wed The loving EngraverIsa. 49:16Simon
26 Fri Draw near to God and He will draw near to you Jas. 4:8Simon
25 Thu Close encounters of a Divine kind
Deut. 4:7, Ps.145:18 Simon
24 Wed Nearer than you thinkActs 17:27 & Isa. 55:6Simon
19 Fri The importance (and joy) of getting our priorities right Matt. 6:33Simon
18 Thu The beauty and the balance of a king’s 2 questions.1 Chr. 29;5,14Simon
17 Wed Medicine for a bad dayMatt. 12:20Simon
12 Fri Living in the bubble of 5 great promises!Isa. 41:10Simon
11 Thu What a place to be!Ps. 31:15 Simon
10 Wed Soil in which I would really blossom
Jer. 32:3Simon
5 Fri Remembering those who have it tougher than we do. Mat. 5:44Simon
4 Thu Wishing you a very happy birth todayJohn 3:3,5Simon
3 Wed Do I really need God’s forgiveness, too?Mark 2:5,10Simon
29 FriThe ascension of Christ.Acts 1:9-11Simon
28 ThuA blessing where you might not expect oneRev. 14:13Simon
27 WedLoving one another in practice.1 John 3:18Simon
22 Fri Governing in the interests of whom? Eph. 1:22Simon
21 ThuAnxiety & thanksgiving Phil. 4:6-7Simon
20 WedHe is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think.Eph. 3:20Simon
15 Fri He strengthened himself in the Lord his God.1 Sam. 30:6Simon
14 Th God is able to make all grace abound to you.2 Cor. 9:8Simon
13 Wed Christ formed in you.Gal. 4:19Simon
8 Fri If the Son makes you free… victory & surrender.John 8:36Simon
7 Thu A sympathetic High Priest. Heb. 4:15-16Simon
6 Wed The very hairs of your head are all numbered.Matt. 10:30Simon
1  Fri Go through the open door before it is shut!Matt. 25:10Simon
April 2020    
30 Thu Open to us a door…Col. 4:3Simon
29 Wed Behold, I stand at the door and knock.Rev. 3:20Simon
24 Fri The Lord of hosts is with usPs. 46:7,11Simon
23 Thu Let us not grow weary in doing good… we shall reap…Gal. 6:9Simon
22 Wed Put on the whole armour of God.Eph. 6:11Simon
17 Fri To whom much is given, of them much will be expected.Luke. 12:24Simon
16 Thu I love You, LordPs. 18:1Simon
15 Wed I will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten.Joel 2:25Simon
9 Thu The hour has comeMark 14:41Simon
8 Wed She has done what she couldMark 14:8Simon
7 Tue How long?Ps. 90:13Simon
3 Fri When he has tested me I shall come forth as goldJob 23:10Simon
2 Thu We wish to see Jesus.John 12:21Simon
1 Wed Don’t be a fool.Ps. 14:1, etcSimon
27 Fri Knowing the times and knowing what we should do. 1 Chr. 12:32Simon
26 Thu It is good to draw near to God.Ps. 73:28Simon
25  Wed Can anything good come out of…?John 1:46Simon