Luke – others

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David Donegani22/12/2019_amLuke 1:5-79What of the days in which we live?
Simon Clarke29/11/2009 amLuke 1:26-33The virgin birth
Simon Clarke20/12/2020Luke 1:26-35Why Jesus is the best gift ever
Simon Clarke06/12/2009 amLuke 1:30-33The angel’s message to Mary
Ian Hilder23/12/2018 amLuke 1 v 26-38The Virgin Birth
Nathan Pomeroy27/12/2009 amLuke 1:32-33The message of Gabriel
Jack Milner20/12/2015 pmLuke 1:37The ministry of angels
Ian Hilder
Order of Service
16/12/2018 pmLuke 2:1-20The well planned Christmas
Simon Clarke25/12/2020Luke 2:1-20Reactions to the birth (and the importance of gift tags!)
John Harris19/12/2021 amLuke 2:1-20Mary’s reflections
Simon Clarke25/12/2021Luke 2:1-20Who is this Babe?
Ian Hilder22/12/2019_pmLuke 2:10-11The best news of all
Ian Hilder24/12/2017 pmLuke 2:12The sign of the swaddling cloths and the manger
Simon Clarke25/12/10Luke 2:25-32Simeon saw and sang
Kevin Ball22/07/2007 pmLuke 5:1-11Discipleship
David Ellis28/12/14 pm
Luke 5:1-11Christ the second Adam
Tobias Haslund-Thomsen17/09/2023 pmLuke 5:1-11Experience that Leads to Faith
Ian Hilder19/07.2020Luke 6:17-49The world’s wisdom turned on its head
David Donegani13/10/13 pmLuke 8:22-26Where is your faith?
Peter Beale27/06/10 amLuke 9:57-62The cost of following Christ
Simon Clarke31/12/2023 pmLuke 9:57-62Looking back and fitness to go forward
Simon Clarke10/04/11 pmLuke 10:25-37The parable of the good Samaritan
Andy Ball19/04/15 amLuke 10:25-37The Good Samaritan
Mike Stringer31/03/19_pmLuke 12:1-21A heedless caller
Mike Baraniak
17/07/11 amLuke 12:13-15Watch out
Tim Berry19/08/12 amLuke 12:13-21The parable of the rich fool
Simon Clarke27/03/11 pmLuke 12:13-21Foolishness
Ian Hilder17/11/2019_amLuke 12:13-34Greed
Kiran Parabi14/07/2019_amLuke 12:22-31Seek the Kingdom of God and do not worry
Simon Clarke02/09/2018 pmLuke 12:35-48Are you ready or not?
Simon Terry02/07/2023 amLuke 12:35-48In readiness of His return
Neil Osborne03/07/2022 pmLuke 13:31-35Is it obvious you are a christian?
John Harris25/08/2019_amLuke 14:1-24The parable of the great supper – there is still room
Richard Innes28/10/07 amLuke 14:25-33True Discipleship
Andy Ball13/01/13 amLuke 15:1-10The parables of the lost
Chris Boraston25/09/2022 amLuke 15:11-32The Lost and Found
John Harris04/12/2022 amLuke 15Jesus eats with and receives sinners
John Harris04/12/2022 pmMatthew 20:1-16 and Luke 15:31-32How is it possible to be ungracious to grace?
Simon Clarke20/06/10 amLuke 15:11-32The love of a fatherYouTube Video
Mark Warden07/02/10 amLuke 15:11-32The lost sonYouTube Video
Simon Clarke17/06/2018 pmLuke 15:11-32A trio not to be missed
Simon Clarke21/06/2020 amLuke 15:11-32The Father’s shocking welcome
Simon Clarke20/06/2021 amLuke 15:11-32What is so amazing about the Father’s love?
Andrew Birch02/05/2021 amLuke 15Lost and found!
Stan Braybrook09/08/2009 pmLuke 16:19-31The rich man and Lazarus
Bill Patterson13/01/2008 pmLuke 17:11-19Christ a powerful Saviour, a mighty Lord a personal Saviour
Bill Paterson
14/08/2022 amLuke 17:11-19The message of the miracle
David Donegani06/03/2022 pmLuke 18:1-14, 31-33Will God listen when I’m desperate?
Chris Davies24/05/2015 pmLuke 18:9-14
The pharisee & the tax collector
Peter Beale
07/04/13 amLuke 18:9-14Parable of Publican and Pharasee
Tim Berry19/06/11 amLuke 18:9-14Two Kinds of Prayer
Paul Olise16/10/11 amLuke 18:9-14A sinner pleads with God
Neil Osborne11/10/2015 amLuke 18:14
Be changed
David Donegani06/09/2015 amLuke 19:1-10
Questions raised about Salvation – Zacchaeus
Ian Hilder01/09/2019_pmLuke 19:28-44The Saviour’s tears
Simon Clarke25/03/2018 amLuke 19:28-48King Jesus, your peace or your judge?
Peter Harrison12/02/2023 amLuke 22:24-46
Christ in GethsemaneYouTube Video
Mike Stringer06/12/2015 pmLuke 22:31-32
Crises in life
Ian Hilder15/09/2019_pmLuke 22:39-47Gethsemane
Neil Osborne03/07/16 pmLuke 22:31-62Peter’s fall and restoration
Stan Braybrook01/08/10 pmLuke 23:26-43The Penitent Thief
Simon Clarke11/11/07 amLuke 23:32-43Remember me
Simon Clarke13/03/11 amLuke 23:43Words of Christ to the dying thief
Simon Clarke17/04/11 amLuke 23:46Death defeated
Roger Hitchings21/03/10 pmLuke 23:26-43Christ on the Cross
John Harris14/02/2016 pmLuke 23:32-43The dying thief
Simon Clarke24/04/11 amLuke 24:1-12Simon Peter
Peter Harrison12/06/2022 pmLuke 24:1-36The road to Emmaus
Keith Maudsley21/10/07 pmLuke 24:13-34The Road to Emmaus
Alasdair McLaren
21/08/2022 amLuke 24:13-35The Emmaus Road
Gareth Crossley22/09/13 pmLuke 24:32Scripture and the burning heart
Philip Raine01/05/2022 amLuke 24v36-49How has Easter changed your life?