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Simon Clarke18/06/2023 pm1 John1. The Lord’s Supper
2. Advocacy, Acceptability & Appeasement

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Roger Hitchings27/01/13 am1 John 1:1-4The Christian life of joy
Alex Warren22/04/2018 am1 John 1:1-4Believe the truth about Jesus
Colin Vincent29/05/11 am1 John 1:5Jesus the Light of the World
Roger Hitchings27/01/13 pm1 John 1:5-7God is light
Roger Hitchings10/02/13 am1 John 1:5-10Fellowship with God
Roger Hitchings10/02/13 pm1 John 2:1,2The work of Jesus Christ the Righteous
Mike Stringer14/10/12 pm1 John 2:1Righteousness
Frans Alberts31/05/2009 pm1 John 2:3-11Assurance of Salvation
Bruce Powel24/01/10 pm1 John 2:12-14Spiritual Growth
Simon Clarke26/12/2021 pm1 John 3Incarnation and Atonement of Christ
Eric Aldrit20/01/13 pm1 John 3:5Our faith is nothing without Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke25/12/12 am1 John 3:5Jesus came to Earth
Simon Clarke26/12/10 pm1 John 3:5He was manifested
Kenny Sunmboye10/12/2023 pm1 John 4:7-5:5The Love of God