1 Kings

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
John Harris08/11/2015 pm1 Kings 8:37-39Know your heart and pray for our land
Jason Murfitt26/10/14 pm1 Kings 13The good the bad and the ugly
Chris Jones05/12/2021 pm1 Kings 17Elijah when alone by the brook Cherith
Simon Clarke09/09/12 pm1 Kings 17:1Though judgement for sin comes, God sends mercy
Simon Clarke16/09/12 pm1 Kings 17:2-16The extraordinary provision of God
Simon Clarke23/09/12 pm1 Kings 17:17-24Perplexity of trials
Bill Patterson13/03/16 pm1 Kings 18:1-19He is Able
Simon Clarke28/10/12 pm1 Kings 18:17-40Jehovah He is God the LORD
Simon Clarke04/11/12 pm1 Kings 18:41-46Effective fervent prayer
Simon Clarke11/11/12 pm1 Kings 19:1-18The grace of God in recovery from the depths
Roger Hitchings22/04/12 pm1 Kings 19:1-18Elijah is encouraged
Simon Clarke25/11/12 pm1 Kings 19:9-21The work of God goes on
Simon Clarke09/12/12 pm1 Kings 21Naboth’s Vineyard
Kiran Parabi07/07/2019_am1 Kings 21Injustice and the Grace of God