January, February & March 2022

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Chris Jones02/01/2022 amJames 1:2-4How to respond to trials
Nigel Holmes02/01/2022 pmRomans 3:21-31, 16:25-27The Glory of God
David Donegani09/01/2022 amPsalm 100 & Psalm 27One thing
Simon Clarke16/01/2022 amMark 5:21-6:1Faith in Jesus brings Peace and Life
Simon Clarke16/01/2022 pmEzra 8Should we be expecting God to bless us materially?
Philip Raine23/01/2022 amIsaiah 40:1-11True comfort, Behold your God
Simon Clarke30/01/2022 amMark 6:1-6Honour Christ in your life
Andrew Birch06/02/2022 amPsalm 119:97What does the bible mean to you?
Simon Clarke06/02/2022 pmEzra 10Christians must deal ruthlessly with sin
Simon Clarke13/02/2022 amMark 6:6-32Counting the cost of gospel ministry
Bill Patterson20/02/2022 amJohn 8:12-20I am the light of the world
Alasdair McLaren20/02/2022 pmJohn 4:3-26Worship God in spirit and truth
Joe Bailey27/02/2022 am2 Chronicles 22:10 – 23:21The rise of King Joash
Andrew Birch27/02/2022 pmRomans 1:1-17Love the gospel
Andrew Birch06/03/2022 amNumbers 21:1-9How can we be saved?
David Donegani06/03/2022 pmLuke 18:1-14, 31-33Will God listen when I’m desperate?
David Donegani20/03/2022 am2 Corinthians 4Do not lose heart
Anrew Birch27/03/2022 am2 Thessalonians 2Love the truth