July, August & September 2022

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Andrew Birch03/07/2022 amJob 9:2bHow can a man be righteous before God?
Neil Osborne03/07/2022 pmLuke 13:31-35Is it obvious you are a christian?
Andrew Birch10/07/2022 am1 Samuel 2:1-11Prayer – examples in scripture – Hannah
Jonathan Robinson10/07/2022 pm1 Samuel 17David’s passion for God
John Harris17/07/2022 am2 Corinthians 4:6The light of God enlightens lives
Jonathan Robinson17/07/2022 pm2 Samuel 11:26-12:14Three stages in restoration to God of a sinner
Andrew Birch24/07/2022 am1 Samuel 2:12-36Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners
Jonathan Robinson24/07/2022 pmPsalm 34David discovered gems of God
Philip Raine07/08/2022 amHebrews 3:1-3Perseverance
Bill Paterson14/08/2022 amLuke 17:11-19The message of the miracle
Alasdair McLaren21/08/2022 amLuke 24:13-35The Emmaus Road
John Harris28/08/2022 amRomans 8:18-39Why is the world no longer universally good?
Joshua Rowe28/08/2022 pmGalatians 1Do you find parts of scripture difficult to read?
Mike Stringer04/09/2022 amIsaiah 43:1-4A message of hope in hard times
John Eardley04/09/2022 pmEphesians 6:18Prayer
Barrie Cooke11/09/2022 amNehemiah 8Responding to the Word
Joshua Rowe11/09/2022 pmGalatians 1How do we deal with false teaching?
Neil Osborne18/09/2022 am1 Thessalonians 1Seven marks of a healthy church
Josh Donegani18/09/2022 pmDaniel 7The son of man – the name of Christ
Chris Boraston25/09/2022 amLuke 15:11-32The Lost and Found
Chris Boraston25/09/2022 pmRomans 2:1-11The Grace and Good News of a Repentant Heart