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Joshua Rowe
28/08/2022 pmGalatians 1Do you find parts of scripture difficult to read?
Joshua Rowe11/09/2022 pmGalatians 1How do we deal with false teaching?
Joshua Rowe02/10/2022 amGalatians 1:10-24The marks of a genuine gospel
Matthew Spriggs25/05/2008 pmGalatians 1:1-9What is the True Gospel?
Joshua Rowe05/03/2023 amGalatians 2:1-14The consistency of a genuine gospelVideo
Matthew Sprigs26/10/2008 pmGalatians 2:11-16Live in line of the truth of the gospel
John Eardley01/09/13 pmGalatians 5:16-23Walking in the Spirit
Nathan Pomeroy28/12/2008 pmGalatians 5:22-23Fruit of the Spirit