Colossians – others

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Simon Clarke16/07/2023 pmColossians 1:1-29What are we to pray for?
Paul Taylor19/10/2008 pmColossians 1:9-19The uniqueness of Christ
Pete Petra08/05/2022 pmColossians 1:15-18A fuller view of Christ
Simon Clarke13/09/2015 amColossians 1:15-22Christ, the head of the body, the church
Simon Clarke04/03/07 pmColossians 1:18Christ the Head of the Body, the Church
Simon Clarke08/04/07 pmColossians 1:18bChrist the beginning, the firstborn from the dead
Simon Clarke04/02/07 pmColossians 1:15Christ the image of the invisible God
Simon Clarke
25/02/07 pmColossians 1:15-17The relationship between Christ and Creation
Ian Harrison
28/01/07 amColossians 1:19-20Reconciliation
Ian Harrison28/01/07 pm
Colossians 1:21-23Transformation
Bruce Powell28/09/2008 pmColossians 2:6-7Christian Growth
David Gregson
04/08/13 amColossians 3:1-11Live the new man
Alan Stenfalt08/02/2009 amColossians 3:12-14True fellowship with the saints