1 Peter – Simon Clarke

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Simon Clarke20/09/20201 Peter 1:1-9The world’s most privileged people
Simon Clarke27/09/20201 Peter 1:1-9You’ve a glorious inheritance
Simon Clarke04/10/20201 Peter 1:1-9Trials – the strange friend of faith
Simon Clarke11/10/20201 Peter 1:10-12Why Isaiah and the angels long to be in your shoes
Simon Clarke25/10/20201 Peter 1:13-16Be prepared. Be hopeful. Be holy
Simon Clarke01/11/20201 Peter 1:17-21Two incentives to godly living
Simon Clarke15/11/20201 Peter 1:22-2:3How the Christian life starts and then grows
Simon Clarke22/11/20201 Peter 2:4-10Grand designs: the house of praise that God is building
Simon Clarke29/11/20201 Peter 2:11-17Don’t underestimate the situation!
Simon Clarke06/12/20201 Peter 2:11-17What are you to make of government?
Simon Clarke13/12/20201 Peter 2:18-25How to face unjust suffering
Simon Clarke10/01/20211 Peter 3:1-7Winsome wives and wooing husbands!
Simon Clarke17/01/20211 Peter 3:8-12Be a blessing and be blessed
Simon Clarke24/01/20211 Peter 3:13-4:2Be confident in the conquering Christ
Simon Clarke31/01/20211 Peter4:1-6Underestimate neither the battle nor the victory
Simon Clarke07/02/20211 Peter 4:7-11While spiritual hostilities continue, Glorify God by supporting one another through prayer and love
Simon Clarke14/02/20211 Peter 4:12-19Why, in the face of Christian suffering, are we commanded to rejoice?
Simon Clarke21/02/20211 Peter 5:1-4How church elders are to serve
Simon Clarke28/02/20211 Peter 5:5-7What should I wear?
Simon Clarke07/03/20211 Peter 5:8-11Getting a handle on Christian suffering
Simon Clarke14/03/20211 Peter 1:1-2, 5:12-14What can we learn from Peter’s method of encouragement?