Malachi – Simon Clarke

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Simon Clarke16/11/2008 pmMalachi 1:2I have loved you says The LORD
Simon Clarke23/11/2008 pmMalachi 1Honour the Name of the Lord of Hosts
Simon Clarke30/11/2008 pmMalachi 2:1-9A framework for the Christian life
Simon Clarke07/12/2008 pmMalachi 2:10-16Love not the world
Simon Clarke14/12/2008 pmMalachi 2:17-3:3God will purify
Simon Clarke04/01/2009 pmMalachi 3:6-7A timeless promise
Simon Clarke11/01/2009 pmMalachi 3:8-9Avoid Daylight Robbery
Simon Clarke22/02/2009 pmMalachi 3:10-12The Blessing of God
Simon Clarke01/03/2009 pmMalachi 3:13-18A contrast between two sets of people
Simon Clarke08/03/2009 pmMalachi 4:1-3Five pictures
Simon Clarke15/03/2009 pmMalachi 4:4-6Turning of Hearts
Simon Clarke29/03/2009 pmMalachi 2:16 & 3:7Take heed to your spirit and return to Me