September & October 2017






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Simon Clarke 29/10/2017 pm Acts 17 v 22-34 The message of resurrection
Simon Clarke 29/10/2017 am Acts 17 v 16-34 The motive, method and message of Paul preaching in Athens
Ian Hilder 22/10/2017 pm Isaiah 26 A Tale of Two Cities
Simon Clarke 22/10/2017 am Acts 17 v 10-15 The Bereans Received the Word
Ian Hilder 15/10/2017 pm
Ian Hilder 15/10/2017 am Psalm 114 v 8  The Rock into a Pool
Ian Hilder 08/10/2017 pm Isaiah 22 In whom do you put your trust?
Simon Clarke 08/10/2017 am Acts 17:1-10 Theological Snap
Simon Clarke 01/10/2017 pm Acts 16:35-40 When to seek Justice from the Law
Simon Clarke 01/10/2017 am Acts 16:23-31 An urgent question and a life changing answer
Ian Hilder 24/09/2017 pm Isaiah 20 How shall we escape?
Ian Hilder 24/09/2017 am Psalm 65 Good reason to praise God
Simon Clarke 17/09/2017 pm Acts 16:16-24 The best of freedoms fiercely opposed
Ian Hilder 17/09/2017 am Isaiah 15 & 16 My heart cries out
Simon Clarke 10/09/2017 pm Ephesians 1:17-18 What God wants you to know
Simon Clarke 10/09/2017 am Acts 16:1-15 The Lord opened Lydia’s heart
Simon Clarke 03/09/2017 pm Acts 15:30-16:5 The power of the gospel
Ian Hilder 03/09/2017 am Isaiah 14:1-23 The evil one behind all evil defeated