Luke – Simon Clarke

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Simon Clarke23/10/11 amLuke 1:1-4Introduction to the Gospel of Luke
Simon Clarke
30/10/11 amLuke 1:5-25The birth of John the Baptist foretold
Simon Clarke06/11/11 amLuke 1:26-38The announcement of the coming of the promised king
Simon Clarke13/11/11 amLuke 1:39-45A tale of two mums
Simon Clarke20/11/11 amLuke 1:46-56Make much of the Lord’s mercy and the Lord’s might
Simon Clarke27/11/11 amLuke 1:57-66The birth of John the Baptist
Simon Clarke04/12/11 amLuke 1:68-75Zechariah’s song
Simon Clarke11/12/11 amLuke 1:76-80The prophesy of Zechariah
Simon Clarke18/12/11 amLuke1:78-79Dawning of Salvation
Simon Clarke25/12/11 amLuke 2:1-7She gave birth
Simon Clarke01/01/12 amLuke 2:8-20The message to the shepherds
Simon Clarke08/01/12 amLuke 2:21-24The significance of the naming and consecration days of Jesus
Simon Clarke15/01/12 amLuke 2:25-35The Lord’s encounter with Simeon
Simon Clarke22/01/12 amLuke 2:36-40Anna’s Devotion
Simon Clarke29/01/12 amLuke 2:29-52The childhood of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke05/02/12 amLuke 2:41-52The Boy Jesus in the temple
Simon Clarke12/02/12 amLuke 3:1-6The ministry of John the Baptist
Simon Clarke18/03/12 amLuke 3:7-11Fruits worthy of Repentance
Simon Clarke25/03/12 amLuke 3:15-18The baptism of Christ divides and demands repentance
Simon Clarke15/04/12 amLuke 3:19-20You MUST repent
Simon Clarke29/04/12 amLuke 3:21-22The Baptism of Jesus
Simon Clarke06/05/12 amLuke 3:23-38Genealogy of Jesus
Simon Clarke13/05/12 amLuke 4:1-13Satan the Tempter
Simon Clarke20/05/12 amLuke 4:1-13Christ’s Victory over Temptation
Simon Clarke
27/05/12 amLuke 4:1-13Resist Temptation
Simon Clarke17/06/12 amLuke 4:14-28What did Jesus come to do?
Simon Clarke01/07/12 amLuke 4:23-30Why do people reject the Lord Jesus Christ?
Simon Clarke15/07/12 amLuke 4:31-37The authority of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke22/07/12 amLuke 4:38-44Jesus’s authority in preaching
Simon Clarke26/08/12 amLuke 5:1-11The calling of the first disciples
Simon Clarke02/09/12 amLuke 5:12-16The willingness of Jesus to make you whole
Simon Clarke09/09/12 amLuke 5:17-26Jesus heals a paralytic
Simon Clarke16/09/12 amLuke 5:27-32The call of Levi
Simon Clarke30/09/12 amLuke 5:33-39Parable of the old and the new
Simon Clarke28/10/12 amLuke 6:1-11Being right with God
Simon Clarke04/11/12 amLuke 6:12-16The calling of the apostles
Simon Clarke11/11/12 amLuke 6:17-20aConsider Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke25/11/12 amLuke 6:20Are you a true disciple?
Simon Clarke02/12/12 amLuke 6:21Hunger and thirst for righteousness
Simon Clarke16/12/12 amLuke 6:21Blessed are they that weep
Simon Clarke23/12/12 amLuke 6:22,23Blessedness and rejoicing
Simon Clarke17/02/13 amLuke 6:24-26Are you to be pitied or envied?
Simon Clarke24/02/13 amLuke 6:27-35Love your enemies
Simon Clarke
10/03/13 amLuke 6:35-38Commands to love
Simon Clarke
17/03/13 amLuke 6:35-38Your reward will be great
Simon Clarke
24/03/13 amLuke 6:39-49Obedience to Christ
Simon Clarke
14/04/13 amLuke 7:1-10The faith of the centurion
Simon Clarke
21/04/13 amLuke 7:11-17The power of the Word of Christ
Simon Clarke
28/04/13 amLuke 7:18-23Confirmation of who Christ is.
Simon Clarke05/05/13 amLuke 7:22-35Warnings against rejecting God
Simon Clarke05/05/13 pmLuke 7:36-50The woman who loved much
Simon Clarke12/05/13 amLuke 8:1-3Faith and service
Simon Clarke12/05/13 pmLuke 8:4-15Believe and bear much fruit
Simon Clarke19/05/13 amLuke 8:16-18Come, Hear and Do the Word of God
Simon Clarke
19/05/13 pmLuke 8:19-21Listen and obey
Simon Clarke02/06/13 am
Luke 8:22-25Power & Authority of Christ over nature
Simon Clarke 02/06/13 pmLuke 8:26-39Legion the demon possessed man
Simon Clarke09/06/13 amLuke 8:40-48
Exercise faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and cleansing
Simon Clarke30/06/13 amLuke 8:50-58Death & Resurrection
Simon Clarke30/06/13 pmLuke 9:1-6Preach the gospel
Simon Clarke08/09/13 amLuke 9:9Who is this Jesus
Simon Clarke15/09/13 amLuke 9:10-11The compassion of Jesus
Simon Clarke29/09/13 amLuke 9:12-17Feeding the five thousand
Simon Clarke06/10/13 amLuke 9:18-22Christ the Messiah
Simon Clarke13/10/13 amLuke 9:23-26The cost of true discipleship
Simon Clarke27/10/13 amLuke 9:27-36Behold your God
Simon Clarke
10/11/13 amLuke 9:37-43The boy from whom the evil spirit is cast out
Simon Clarke
01/12/13 amLuke 9:43b-45Give your rapt attention to Almighty God
Simon Clarke
08/12/13 amLuke 9:43b-45Trust God and know Him more
Simon Clarke
15/12/13 amLuke 9:46-48Who is the greatest?
Simon Clarke
22/12/13 amLuke 9:49-50Disciples need to know what Jesus has said and be guided by Him.
Simon Clarke05/01/14 amLuke 9:51-56A Samaritan village rejects the Saviour
Simon Clarke
12/01/14 amLuke 9:57-62Wholly follow Christ
Simon Clarke
19/01/14 amLuke 10:1-4The Lord of the Harvest
Simon Clarke
02/02/14 amLuke 10:5-16Good news of Jesus is either received or rejected
Simon Clarke
09/02/14 amLuke 10:17-20The Christians Greatest Joy – is that they are a Christian
Simon Clarke
23/02/14 amLuke 10:21-24Christ’s utter joy at God being made known
Simon Clarke
02/03/14 amLuke 10:25-37The parable of the good Samaritan
Simon Clarke
16/03/14 amLuke 10:38-42Martha is distracted are you?
Simon Clarke
23/03/14 amLuke 11:1-2aAppetite for prayer and know how to pray
Simon Clarke
30/03/14 amLuke 11:2Hallow the Name of God in prayer
Simon Clarke
06/04/14 amLuke 11:2Your Kingdom come
Simon Clarke
13/04/14 amLuke 11:2Your will be done
Simon Clarke
27/04/14 amLuke 11:3Provision of God
Simon Clarke
04/05/14 amLuke 11:4aForgiveness
Simon Clarke
11/05/14 amLuke 11:4bSpiritual protection
Simon Clarke
18/05/14 amLuke 11:5-8God hears and will answer prayer
Simon Clarke06/07/14 amLuke 11:37-546 Woes
Simon Clarke13/07/14 amLuke 12:1-12How to stand firm in a hostile world
Simon Clarke20/07/14 amLuke 12:13-21Covetousness
Simon Clarke24/08/14 amLuke 12:22-34Trust Him, do not worry
Simon Clarke31/08/14 amLuke 12:35-48Trust Him, do not worry
Simon Clarke07/09/14 amLuke 12:49-59Spiritual discernment
Simon Clarke21/09/14 amLuke 13:1-9Repent now and believe
Simon Clarke05/10/14 amLuke 13:10-17Jesus breaks 2 things
Simon Clarke12/10/14 amLuke 13:18-21The growth of the Kingdom of God
Simon Clarke02/11/14 amLuke 13:22-30Strive to enter the kingdom of God through the narrow gate
Simon Clarke09/11/14 amLuke 13:31-35The Compassion of God
Simon Clarke16/11/14 amLuke 14:1-24The call of Christ
Simon Clarke21/12/14 amLuke 14:25-35The cost of discipleship
Simon Clarke04/01/15 amLuke 15:1-10There will be rejoicing in Heaven
Simon Clarke11/01/15 amLuke 15:11-32The parable of the lost son
Simon Clarke18/01/15 pmLuke 16:1-13Shrewdness
Simon Clarke
25/01/15 pmLuke 16:14-18Repent and believe
Simon Clarke
01/02/15 pmLuke 16:19-31Regret
Simon Clarke
22/02/15 pmLuke 17:1-10Your duty privilege and pleasure
Simon Clarke
01/03/15 pmLuke 17:11-19 Glorify God for His cleansing mercy in Christ
Simon Clarke
15/03/15 pmLuke 17:20-21The coming of the Kingdom
Simon Clarke
22/03/15 pmLuke 17:20-37The second coming
Simon Clarke14/06/15 pmLuke 18:1-8
Your Kingdom Come
Simon Clarke21/06/15 pmLuke 18:9-14 Your acceptance before God
Simon Clarke09/08/15 pmLuke 18:15-17
Simon Clarke30/08/15 pmLuke 18:18-30
Salvation impossible with man but possible with God
Simon Clarke06/09/15 pmLuke 18:31-34
The need for us to see God’s plan of Salvation in Jesus’ suffering
Simon Clarke11/10/15 pmLuke 18:35-43
Blind Bartimaeus
Simon Clarke01/11/15 pmLuke 19:1-10Jesus came to seek and save
Simon Clarke22/11/15 pmLuke 19:11-27 The parable of the minas
Simon Clarke29/11/15 pmLuke 19:28-44Jesus enters Jerusalem
Simon Clarke03/01/16 amLuke 19:45-48
True worship
Simon Clarke24/01/16 amLuke 20:1-8
The authority of Jesus
Simon Clarke31/01/16 amLuke 20:9-20
The parable of the wicked vinedressers
Simon Clarke07/02/16 amLuke 20:21-26Give to God the things that are God’s
Simon Clarke21/02/16 amLuke 20:27-40
The truth of the resurrection
Simon Clarke28/02/16 amLuke 20:41-44
Look at who Jesus really is
Simon Clarke06/03/16 amLuke 20:45-21:4Condemned or commended by Christ?
Simon Clarke13/03/16 am
Luke 21:7-38Take Care and Trust Him
Simon Clarke20/03/16 pmLuke 22:1-7Who sent Jesus to Calvary’s Cross?
Simon Clarke03/04/16 pmLuke 22:7-23The preparation for the Passover
Simon Clarke10/04/16 amLuke 22:24-30An example to follow
Simon Clarke17/04/16 amLuke 22:31-34The disciples sifted by the devil
Simon Clarke24/04/16 amLuke 22:35-38He was numbered with the Transgressors
Simon Clarke24/04/16 pmLuke 22:39-46Gethsemene
Simon Clarke08/05/16 amLuke 22:47-53Betrayal of Christ
Simon Clarke22/05/16 pmLuke 22:54-62Peter’s denial
Simon Clarke05/06/16 amLuke 22:63-71The trial of Christ
Simon Clarke12/06/16 amLuke 23:1-25Why was an innocent Man condemned to death?
Simon Clarke19/06/16 amLuke 23:26-31Something to weep for
Simon Clarke26/06/16 pmLuke 23:32-43The cross
Simon Clarke10/07/16 pmLuke 23:44-49 What do you think of the cross?
Simon Clarke17/07/16 amLuke 23:50-56The burial of Jesus’ body
Simon Clarke21/08/16 amLuke 24:1-12He is not here, He is Risen from the Dead
Simon Clarke28/08/16 pmLuke 24:13-32The road to Emmaus
Simon Clarke04/09/16 amLuke 24:33-43
The road to Emmaus
Simon Clarke11/09/16 pmLuke 24:44-49It is necessary to understand the Scriptures
Simon Clarke18/09/16 pmLuke 24:44-47Treasure the Scriptures
Simon Clarke 25/09/16 pmLuke 24:47The Gospel Command
Simon Clarke09/10/16 pmLuke 24:49The work of The Holy Spirit
Simon Clarke23/10/16 amLuke 24:50-51The Ascension
Simon Clarke27/11/16 amLuke 24:52-53The Conclusion of Luke’s gospel