PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)Link to YouTube Video
Steve Carter23/01/11 pmJob1:1 – 2:10Suffering in the life of a Christian
Julian Hurst25/01/2009 pmJob 1 & 2Who is in control?
Julian Hurst13/12/2009 pmJob 2:1-10Is God in Control?
Julian Hurst15/05/11 pmJob 3To whom will you go?
Simon Clarke05/10/2008 pmJob 9:2Get right with God
Andrew Birch03/07/2022 amJob 9:2bHow can a man be righteous before God?
Jonathan Eardley10/05/2009 pmJob 19:25-27Faith that saves and the look that satisfies
Ian Hilder05/01/2020_amJob 28Where can wisdom be found
David Donegani27/06/2021 amJob 28:1-28 & James 3:13-18The quest for wisdom
Neville Swain10/08/2008 amJob 29Job’s relationship with God
Neville Swain10/08/2008 pmJob 30Coping with suffering
Simon Clarke11/02/2024 pmJob 38-40:5Have you entered the treasury of snow
Peter MacKenzie14/02/10 pmJob 42Lessons in Prayer