January & February 2015





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Simon Clarke 22/02/2015 pm Luke 17:1-10 Your duty privilege and pleasure
Simon Clarke 22/02/2015 am 1 Timothy 3:15,16 The church of God, the pillar and ground of the truth
Jack Milner 15/02/2015 pm Revelation 1:8 Christ, the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty
David Davies 15/02/2015 am Acts 16:16-34 What must I do to be saved?
Stan Braybrook 08/02/2015 pm Matthew 5:5,8 The sermon on the Mount
Simon Clarke 08/02/2015 am Exodus 17:1-7 The abundance of God’s provision. Christ the Rock
Simon Clarke 01/02/2015 pm Luke 16:19-31 Regret
Simon Clarke 01/02/2015 am 1 Corinthians 3:16 You are the temple of God
Simon Clarke 25/01/2015 pm Luke 16:14-18 Repent and believe
Simon Clarke 25/01/2015 am Ephesians 5:25-27 The church sanctified to Christ
Simon Clarke 18/01/2015 pm Luke 16:1-13 Shrewdness
Simon Clarke 18/01/2015 am Ephesians 5:25 Church The Bride of Christ
Simon Clarke 11/01/2015 pm Revelation 2:8-11 To the church in Smyrna
Simon Clarke 11/01/2015 am Luke 15:11-32 The parable of the lost son
Paul Brunning 04/01/2015 pm Proverbs 15:14 Are you hungry?
Simon Clarke 04/01/2015 am Luke 15:1-10 There will be rejoicing in Heaven