November & December 2021

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Simon Clarke
07/11/2021 amMark 4:21-25The importance of how we listen
Simon Clarke14/11/2021 amMark 4:26-29The kingdom of God
Simon Clarke21/11/2021 amMark 4:30-34Who would have thought?
Simon Clarke21/11/2021 pmEzra 6:15-22Finishing with joy
Simon Clarke28/11/2021 amMark 4:35-41The stiller of the storm
Simon Clarke28/11/2021 pmEzra 7:1-10An introduction to Ezra
Andrew Birch05/12/2021 amHebrews 13:20 Be more like Timothy
Chris Jones05/12/2021 pm1 Kings 17:1-16Elijah when alone by the brook Cherith
Simon Clarke12/12/2021 amMark 5:1-20What a story to tell
Simon Clarke12/12/2021 pmEzra 7:11-28Blessed be the God who makes beautiful
John Harris19/12/2021 amLuke 2:1-20Mary’s reflections
Simon Clarke19/12/2021 pmCarol Service 2021
Simon ClarkeChristmas DayLuke 2:1-20Who is this babe?
Simon Clarke26/12/2021 amActs 1:1-12Be ready for the 2nd coming of Christ
Simon Clarke26/12/2021 pm1 John 3Incarnation and Atonement of Christ