PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Josh Donegani17/10/2021 amGenesis 1What God is like
Peter Thackeray20/02/11 amGenesis 1:1Back to the beginning
Daniel Webber18/10/2009 pmGenesis 1:26-28What is man like?
Neil Osborne16/02/2020_amGenesis 3, 4:1-16God’s questions
Roger Hitchings04/12/11 pmGenesis 3:14-15Enmity, Satan, the woman & Christ
John Harris28/08/11 pmGenesis 4:19-26Call on the name of the Lord
John Harris18/10/2015 amGenesis 7
The anchor of your soul
Simon Clarke23/09/2018 amGenesis 8:22Completely trust in God
Peter MacKenzie12/07/2009 amGenesis11:1-9 & Genesis12:1-9Contrast between the rebellious and the righteous
Joe Bailey19/07/2015 amGenesis 12:1-9
The path to choose
Roger Hitchings
16/06/13 amGenesis 18:1-15The grace of God
Roger Hitchings16/06/13 pmGenesis 18:16-33
To be a friend of God
John Harris11/03/07 amGenesis 20Abimelech
Roger Hitchings23/06/13 amGenesis 22:1-13The sovereignty of God
Peter Milsom09/11/2008 pmGenesis 22:1-19Trust in God
Roger Hitchings23/06/13 pmGenesis 22:9-24God will provide
John Harris16/01/11 pmGenesis 25:8Is there life after death?
Bruce Powell15/08/10 pmGenesis 50:19-21Jacob’s Character
Ian Hilder10/01/2016 pmGenesis 50:20God’s plan