March & April 2019





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Ian Hilder 28/04/19_pm Psalm 1 The two ways
Ian Hilder 28/04/19_am Matthew 6:1-18 Our Father in heaven
Ian Hilder 21/04/19_pm 1_Corinthians_15:1-20 But now is Christ risen from the dead
Simon Clarke 21/04/19_am John 20:10-30 The foundation of timeless joy
Simon Clarke 14/04/19_pm Revelation 13 You are to be patient, faithful and wise
Simon Clarke 14/04/19_am Matthew 21:1-21 Jesus. Who is this?
Joseph Pettitt 07/04/19_pm 1_Corinthians_13 Love
Simon Clarke 07/04/19_am Revelation 12 The bruising battle
Mike Stringer 31/03/19_pm Luke 12:1-21 A heedless caller
Simon Clarke 31/03/19_am Revelation 11:14-19 The Kingdom proclaimed
Simon Clarke 24/03/19_pm Revelation 11:1-14 Persevere in personal witnessing
Jonathan Robinson 24/03/19_am Ephesians 4:1-6 Walk in unity
Simon Clarke 17/03/19_pm Matthew 20:17-28 Service
Ian Hilder 17/03/19 am Romans 8:31-39 More than conquerors
Ian Hilder 10/03/19 pm Psalm 2 What is your attitude to Jesus Christ?
Ian Hilder 10/03/19 am Romans 8:28-30 God’s eternal purpose
Ian Hilder 03/03/19 pm Mark 3:7-35 Who are the true followers?
Ian Hilder
24/02/19 am Isaiah 66:18-24 The unstoppable gospel