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Simon Clarke07/01/2024 amActs 1:1-11Make sure you are ready for Christ’s return.
David Donegani12/06/2022 amActs 1:1-11The Ascension of Jesus
Simon Clarke16/05/2021 amActs 1:1-12The Ascension of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke26/12/2021 amActs 1:1-12Be ready for the 2nd coming of Christ
Simon Clarke23/05/2021 amActs 2What happens when the Holy Spirit comes?
Simon Clarke20/05/2018 amActs 2:1-4Pentecost
Simon Clarke31/05/2020Acts 2:22-42When the Holy Spirit comes.
Simon Clarke04/02/2024 amActs 2:22-42Why be baptized?
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Andrew Birch10/12/2023 amActs 2:37-47Where are disciples made?
Kevin Ball08/10/2023 pmActs 3 & 4:1-31How the discipled prayed for boldness
Peter Rush16/08/2009 amActs 5:29-32Obedience to God
Simon Clarkem
14/04/13 pmActs 6:1-7Chosen to serve
Tobias Haslund-Thomsen17/09/2023 amActs 6:1-7The pre-eminence of the Word of God
Peter Rush16/08/2009 pmActs 6:8-15The Christ likeness of Stephen
Jay Modha01/09/13 pmActs 6,7Stephen – a model disciple
Neil Osborne20/11/2022 amActs 9:1-22Live for ChristVideo
Paul Olise20/01/2008 amActs 10Cornelius
Andrew Birch21/03/2021Acts 10Are you really a Christian?
Matthew Hill08/05/11 pmActs 12:1-17The duty, difficulty and workings of prayer
Simon Clarke
31/03/13 amActs 13:13-42Jesus has risen from the dead
Neil Osborne19/02/2017 amActs 16:1-40All things work for good
Oliver Gross03/05/2015 pmActs 16:6-10
The Guidance of God
Simon Clarke29/11/2009 pmActs 16:14Lydia’s heart opened
David Davies
15/02/2015 amActs 16:16-34What must I do to be saved?
Josh Harrison22/01/2023 pmActs 16:11-34
Life in lockdownVideo
Simon Clarke
20/04/14 amActs 17:30-34The empty tomb
Pete Petra17/03/2024 pmActs 19:8-21A bonfire at Ephesus
Peter Rush21/08/11 pmActs 19:23The Way
Simon Clarke23/10/11 pmActs 20Eldership
Simon Clarke15/03/20_pmActs 20:17-31The price that God paid for the sheep
Simon Clarke13/12/2015 amActs 20:17-38
The nature of the Church
Simon Clarke10/01/10 pmActs 20:18-24A faithful walk in Christ
Simon Clarke06/07/14 pmActs 26:1-32Agrippa almost persuaded to become a Christian
Steve Carter17/06/07 amActs 26:27Agrippa’s confession
Peter MacKensie20/10/2019_amActs 26Paul’s defence before King Agrippa
Josiah Bell30/07/2023 pmActs 26:9-18See what Jesus has accomplished
Andrew Birch10/09/2023 amActs 8:26-39Salvation
Simon Clarke26/11/2023 amActs 14:21-28HOW do we make disciples of Jesus?Video
John Eardley13/11/2022 amActs 27On a journeyVideo