September & October 2023

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Simon Clarke29/10/2023 pmRomans 3:10 – 4:8Are you ready to meet God?Video
Barrie Cooke29/10/2023 pmNehemiah 3How to buildVideo
Neil Osborne22/10/2023 amJames 1:18-25Why listen to sermons from the word of God Video
Simon Clarke22/10/2023 pmHaggai 1:1-15 RevivalVideo
Simon Clarke15/10/2023 amPsalm 86Speak to God, hear Him and so focus your prayerVideo
Simon Clarke15/10/2023 pmJohn 13:1-11Jesus washes the feetVideo
Kevin Ball08/10/2023 amPsalm 117The call, cause & command to praise the LORDVideo
Kevin Ball08/10/2023 pmActs 3 & 4:1-31How the discipled prayed for boldnessVideo
Simon Clarke01/10/2023 amJohn 12:20-36A Bumper HarvestVideo
Simon Clarke01/10/2023 pmJohn 14:15-31The Holy SpiritVideo
Ben Daly24/09/2023 am1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Jesus is coming
Josh Harrison24/09/2023 pmJohn 19:16-30
Four Simple Words
Tobias Haslund-Thomsen17/09/2023 amActs 6:1-7The pre-eminence of the Word of GodVideo
Tobias Haslund-Thomsen17/09/2023 pmLuke 5:1-11Experience that Leads to FaithVideo
Andrew Birch10/09/2023 amActs 8:26-39
Simon Clarke10/09/2023 pmEphesians 1:15-23
God’s sovereign purposes for His people
David Donegani03/09/2023 amMatthew 14Keep our eyes on JesusVideo
David Donegani03/09/2023 pm 1 Peter 5:1-11Be preparedVideo