Joshua – Simon Clarke

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Simon Clarke28/10/2018 amJoshua 1:1-9The name Joshua
Simon Clarke10/11/2019_pmJoshua 1:1-9God’s Unfailing Promises
Simon Clarke24/11/2019_pmJoshua 1:10-18We will
Simon Clarke01/12/2019_pmJoshua 2Rahab – find life through faith
Simon Clarke08/12/2019_pmJoshua 3-5:1The importance of remembering the works of God
Simon Clarke15/12/2019_pmJoshua 5:2-12Re-Fresh
Simon Clarke29/12/2019_pmJoshua 5:13-7:1Jericho – How the war was won
Simon Clarke19/01/2020_amJoshua 7The sin of  Achan
Simon Clarke26/01/2020_amJoshua 8:1-29The beauty and blessing of obedience
Simon Clarke02/02/2020_amJoshua 8:30-35The uncomfortable and privilege of worship
Simon Clarke09/02/2020_amJoshua 9The covenant
Simon Clarke23/02/2020_amJoshua 10The battle at Gibeon
Simon Clarke01/03/2020_amJoshua 10:28-11:23Rest in what God Provides
Simon Clarke15/03/20_amJoshua 12Who reigns in your life?
Simon Clarke29/03/2020Joshua 13Living safely forever in a disease-free world
Simon Clarke03/05/2020Joshua 14:6-15What does a wholehearted faith look like?
Simon Clarke24/05/2020Joshua 16 & 17How to make the Best of the Times
Simon Clarke14/06/2020Joshua 18 & 19How to regain your grip
Simon Clarke05/07/2020Joshua 20:1-9A refuge for the innocent and a refuge for the guilty
Simon Clarke26/07/2020Joshua 21:1-8, 41-45Trust God to give everything that he promises
Simon Clarke02/08/2020Joshua 22:1-9The love that gives birth to heartfelt obedience
Simon Clarke16/08/2020Joshua 22:9-34Much ado about something!
Simon Clarke23/08/2020Joshua 23:1-16A dying man’s farewell plea: stay alert!
Simon Clarke06/09/2013Joshua 24:1–28
A Time to Recommit
Simon Clarke13/09/2020Joshua 24:29-33Three graves that speak