January & February 2019





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Simon Clarke 24/02/19pm Revelation 10 The bitter sweet work of the church
Simon Clarke 24/02/19am Mark 1:40-45 Jesus Christ is willing to cleanse YOU from your sin
Simon Clarke 17/02/19pm Revelation 8:13-9:21 A darkness that is to enlighten us
Ian Hilder 17/02/19am Isaiah 66:7-17 The coming of the Lord
Simon Clarke 10/02/19pm Revelation 8:2-12 Judgement in response to prayer
Ian Hilder 10/02/19am Isaiah 65:17-66:4 The new heavens and the new earth
Simon Clarke 03/02/19pm Revelation 8:1 Listen to the sound of silence
Ian Hilder 03/02/19am Isaiah 65 Here I am
Simon Clarke 27/01/19pm Philippians 4:6-7 Anxiety
Simon Clarke


Revelation 7 How wonderful Christ is to those who believe
Simon Clarke 20/01/19pm Revelation 6 What is the world coming to?
Ian Hilder 20/01/19am Psalm 22 The Humiliation and Triumph of Jesus
Ian Hilder 13/01/19pm Isaiah 63:7-64:12 Pleading in prayer
Simon Clarke 13/01/19am Revelation 5 Worthy is the Lamb
Ian Hilder 06/01/19pm Isaiah 63:1-6 The conqueror comes
Simon Clarke 06/01/19am Revelation 4 You are to behold and worship Him who sits on the throne