Isaiah – others

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Simon Clarke05/12/10 amIsaiah 1:1-20As white as snow
Simon Clarke08/12/2019_amIsaiah 8:19-9:7The very best of governments
Mike Stringer01/04/12 pmIsaiah 9:1-7Christ Jesus the King
Simon Clarke14/12/14 amIsaiah 9:6Unto us a Son is given
Ian Hilder25/12/16 amIsaiah 9:6Unto us a child id born
Alex Warren18/02/2024 pmIsaiah 25:6-12A Feast worth waiting for
Simon Clarke10/06/07 pmIsaiah 37:16-20May all the kingdoms of the Earth know that You are the LORD
Eric Aldritt11/08/13 amIsaiah 40Behold your God
Philip Raine23/01/2022 amIsaiah 40:1-11True comfort, Behold your God
Roger Hitchings11/12/11 pmIsaiah 40:11Christ, the Good Shepherd
Neil Osbourne22/08/2021 amIsaiah 40:27-31The Christian Life
Ian Hilder30/04/2017 pmIsaiah 40:31On Eagles’ Wings
Simon Clarke07/01/07 pmIsaiah 41:10Listen here
Simon Clarke03/03/13 pmIsaiah 41:10Comfort
Simon Clarke07/01/07 pmIsaiah 41:10Listen
Mike Stringer
04/09/2022 amIsaiah 43:1-4A message of hope in hard times
Simon Clarke09/11/14 pmIsaiah 43:25Christ alone can blot out your transgression
Simon Clarke13/11/16 amIsaiah 43:25Remembrance
Neville Swain14/08/11 pmIsaiah 49:15Yet I will not forget you
Roger Hitchings10/05/2015 amIsaiah 49:24-26
Are you saved?
Barrie Cooke05/02/2023 amIsaiah 52:13 – 53:12The 4th Servant Song
YouTube Video
Simon Clarke24/03/2024 pm
Isaiah 52:13-53:12God’s holy hatred of sin seen at Calvary
Ian Hilder12/03/2017 amIsaiah 52:13-15The surprising Saviour
Ian Hilder19/03/2017 amIsaiah 53:1-3The sorrowing Saviour
Ian Hilder26/03/2017 amIsaiah 53:4-6The Smitten Saviour
Ian Hilder02/04/2017 amIsaiah 53:7-9The Silent Saviour
Ian Hilder09/04/2017 amIsaiah 53:10-12The Satisfied Saviour
Joseph Pettit
16/03/14 pm Isaiah 65:17-25 New Heaven and new Earth