April, May & June 2022

DateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
John Harris03/04/2022 am1 Corinthians 15:1-11Why are you here?
John Harris03/04/2022 pmExodus 1-2:10What of the Egyption experience?
Andrew Birch10/04/2022 amJohn 13:21-35Our love for one another
David Doneganni10/04/2022 pm1 Peter 1:1-12What is your view of our world?
Nigel Holmes24/04/2022 amEzekiel 1The glory of God
David Doneganni24/04/2022 pm1 Peter 1:13-2:3Newbirth into a living hope
Philip Raine01/05/2022 amLuke 24v36-49How has Easter changed your life?
Roger Chambers01/05/2022 pmPsalm 121Confidence in a father’s care
Andrew Birch08/05/2022 amMark 12:28-31Love for our neighbours
Pete Petra08/05/2022 pmColossians 1:15-18A fuller view of Christ
Neil Osbourne15/05/2022 amJames 1:18-27Now you do it!
David Donegani15/05/2022 pm1 Peter 2:4-12How to live
Peter MacKenzie22/05/2022 amMark 8:27-38Take up the cross and follow Christ
Andrew Birch22/05/2022 pmEphesians 5:21-32Love the Church
Josh Donegani29/05/2022 amHaggai 2:1-9What motivates you to go on?
Roger Chambers29/05/2022 pmPsalm 130Confidence in a father’s forgiveness
Nigel Holmes05/06/2022 amEzekiel 8:18-9:10The anger of God
David Donegani05/06/2022 pm1 Peter 2:13-3:7Submit
David Donegani12/06/2022 amActs 1:1-11The Ascension of Jesus
Peter Harrison12/06/2022 pmLuke 24:1-36The road to Emmaus
Josh Harrison19/06/2022 amMatthew 6:5-15Our Father in heaven
Andrew Birch19/06/2022 pm1 Samuel 1Hannah and the birth of Samuel
Mike Stringer26/06.2022 amHebrews 9:26bEncouragement for Christians
John Eardley26/06.2022 amPsalm 13Prayer lessons from lament