May & June 2017






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Simon Clarke 25/06/2017 pm Psalm 84:1-4 Take your  own spiritual health check
Simon Clarke 25/06/2017 am Acts 13:13-52 Paul preaching at Prisidia
Jack Milner 18/06/2017 pm 1 Corinthians 1:30-31 Called by God
Ian Hilder 18/06/2017 am Isaiah 6 Seeing the King
Simon Clarke 11/06/2017 pm Acts 13:1-12 The thrilling key to mission
Ian Hilder 11/06/2017 am Isaiah 5 When the Church is like the world
Simon Clarke 04/06/2017 pm Acts 12 The progress of Christ’s gospel is assured
Ian Hilder 04/06/2017 am Isaiah 4:2-6 The Branch of the LORD
Ian Hilder 28/05/2017 pm Isaiah 2:6-4:1 The day of the Lord
Ian Hilder 28/05/2017 am Romans 8:32 Divine love divine logic!
Simon Clarke 21/05/2017 pm Philippians 3:12-14 Press on …
Simon Clarke 21/05/2017 am Acts 11:19-30 What makes a vibrant church?
Ian Hilder 14/05/2017 pm Isaiah 2:1-5 The mountain of the LORD
Simon Clarke 14/05/2017 am Acts 10:17-11:18 The good news really is for ALL
Ian Hilder 07/05/2017 pm Isaiah 1:18 A promise you can depend upon
Simon Clarke 07/05/2017 am Acts 9:32-43 Given the gospel’s unique power we should confidently proclaim it