Child Protection

We have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy and a Child Protection Officer. We are happy to provide a copy on request.

The purpose of the policy is:-

For Children and Young People in our care:

  • Ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure they are safe from all harm.
  • Respecting them and valuing them.
  • Listening to them and relating effectively with them.
  • Treating them fairly and honestly.

For Leaders and Workers:

  • Taking all reasonable care to ensure that suitable individuals are appointed
  • Giving them the necessary guidance, support and training.
  • Helping them to behave in a wise, appropriate and exemplary fashion.
  • Supporting them in being above reproach when dealing with children and young people.

For Parents and Carers

  • Demonstrating that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure workers and leaders have been assessed and checked both within the church, and independently of the church.
  • Demonstrating to them that their children are safe and valued in our care.
  • Encouraging and supporting them in their role.
  • Making sure they are consulted & communicated with.

For the Church:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the witness of the church in the community.
  • Promoting the church as a place and a people where everyone feels, and is, welcome, safe and valued