May & June 2019





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Simon Clarke 30/06/2019_pm Revelation 15 The joy at judgement
Simon Clarke 30/06/2019_am John 3:16 The most extraordinary love
Simon Clarke 23/06/2019_pm Revelation 14:14-20 Be prepared for the final harvest
Ian Hilder 23/06/2019_am Matthew 6:1-18 Forgiveness by God
Simon Clarke 16/06/2019_pm Revelation 14:6-13 The Coming Judgement
Damien Chambers 16/06/2019_am Judges 6:11-40 Are you listening to God’s call
Simon Clarke 09/06/2019_pm Revelation 14:1-5 The Victorious Lamb on the Throne
Ian Hilder 09/06/2019_am Matthew 6:1-18 Give us this day our daily Bread
Bill Patterson 02/06/2019_pm Psalm 17:1-15 A plea to God from David and a pattern of prayer
Neil Osborne 02/06/2019_am Joshua 2:1-24 & 6:22-25 Rahab: God can transform any life
Ian Hilder 26/05/2019_pm Psalm 71 The Lord my refuge from womb to tomb
Joseph Cresswell 26/05/2019_am Psalm 51 What does repentance really look like?
Ian Hilder 19/05/2019_pm Mark 14:12-26 The Lord’s Table
Ian Hilder 19/05/2019_am Matthew 6:1-18 Your kingdom
Ian Hilder 12/05/2019_pm Psalm 147:1-6 It is good to sing praises to our God
Ian Hilder 12/05/2019_am Matthew 6:1-18 Hallowed be your name
John Harris 05/05/2019_pm 1 Peter 1 What is true faith?
David Donegani 05/05/2019_am Mark 6:1-6 Jesus the Carpenter