Isaiah – Ian Hilder

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Ian Hilder07/05/2017 pmIsaiah 1:18A promise you can depend upon
Ian Hilder14/05/2017 pmIsaiah 2:1-5The mountain of the LORD
Ian Hilder28/05/2017 pmIsaiah 2:6-4:1The day of the Lord
Ian Hilder04/06/2017 am
Isaiah 4:2-6The Branch of the LORD
Ian Hilder11/06/2017 amIsaiah 5When the Church is like the world
Ian Hilder18/06/2017 amIsaiah 6Seeing the King
Ian Hilder02/07/2017 pmIsaiah 7:1 – 8:10Immanuel
Ian Hilder09/07/2017 pm Isaiah 8:11-9:7Two ways to live
Ian Hilder16/07/2017 pm Isaiah 9:6-7The coming of the King
Ian Hilder23/07/2017 pm Isaiah 11:1-16Our Glorious Hope
Ian Hilder13/08/2017 amIsaiah 12Sing praises to the King
Ian Hilder20/08/2017 amIsaiah13-24He’s got the whole world in His hands
Ian Hilder03/09/2017 amIsaiah 14:1-23The evil one behind all evil defeated
Ian Hilder17/09/2017 amIsaiah 15 & 16My heart cries out
Ian Hilder24/09/2017 pmIsaiah 20How shall we escape?
Ian Hilder08/10/2017 pmIsaiah 22In whom do you put your trust?
Ian Hilder22/10/2017 pmIsaiah 26A Tale of Two Cities
Ian Hilder05/11/2017 amIsaiah 27In that Day
Ian Hilder12/11/2017 pmIsaiah 28Christ our Crown and Cornerstone
Ian Hilder26/11/2017 pmIsaiah 29Repentance the gateway to God’s blessing
Ian Hilder28/01/2018 pmIsaiah 34 & 35Hell and Heaven
Ian Hilder11/02/2018 amIsaiah 35Rivers in the desert, a highway in the wilderness
Ian Hilder25/02/2018 pmIsaiah 36When the fiery trial comes
Ian Hilder04/03/2018 amIsaiah 37:8-38Saved
Ian Hilder11/03/2018 amIsaiah 38In sickness or in health
Ian Hilder18/03/2018 amIsaiah 39Feet of clay
Ian Hilder29/04/2018 pmIsaiah 40:1-2The God of comfort
Ian Hilder06/05/2018 pmIsaiah 40:3-113 voices, 1 message
Ian Hilder13/05/2018 pmIsaiah 40 & 41Behold your God
Ian Hilder03/06/2018 amIsaiah 42:1-17Behold my Servant
Ian Hilder10/06/2018 amIsaiah 43Through flood and fire
Ian Hilder24/06/2018 amIsaiah 44:1 – 45:4The Redeemer
Ian Hilder01/07/2018 amIsaiah 45:5-25The only God
Ian Hilder22/07/2018 amIsaiah 46 & 47Flee idols
Ian Hilder29/07/2018 pmIsaiah 49:4The despondent Servant
Ian Hilder05/08/2018 pmIsaiah 49:14 – 50:3Consolations despite our complaints
Ian Hilder12/08/2018 amIsaiah 50:4 -11Jesus’ determination
Ian Hilder19/08/2018 amIsaiah 50:10 – 51:3 When the way is dark
Ian Hilder26/08/2018 amIsaiah 51:9 – 52:12Wake up, wake up
Ian Hilder02/09/2018 amIsaiah 52:13 – 53:12The sin-bearing servant of the Lord
Ian Hilder09/09/2018 amIsaiah 54Good reason to sing
Ian Hilder16/09/2018 pmIsaiah 54:10 & 55:3The everlasting covenant of peace
Ian Hilder30/09/2018 pmIsaiah 55You are invited
Ian Hilder07/10/2018 pmIsaiah 56:1-8Waiting for the day of salvation
Ian Hilder14/10/2018 pmIsaiah 56:9 – 57:21Can sinners live with God?
Ian Hilder21/10/2018 amIsaiah 58 – 59:15Sin is the problem and God alone has the answer
Ian Hilder04/11/2018 pmIsaiah 59:15b – 21The Anointed One
Ian Hilder18/11/2018 amIsaiah 60Arise shine for your light has come
Ian Hilder25/11/2018 amIsaiah 61Jesus the Messiah
Ian Hilder02/12/2018 amIsaiah 62:2You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD will name
Ian Hilder06/01/2019 pmIsaiah 63:1-6The conqueror comes
Ian Hilder13/01/2019 pmIsaiah 63:7-64:12Pleading in prayer
Ian Hilder03/02/2019 amIsaiah 65Here I am
Ian Hilder10/02/2019 amIsaiah 65:17-66:4The new heavens and the new earth
Ian Hilder17/02/2019 amIsaiah 66:7-17The coming of the Lord
Ian Hilder
24/02/2019 amIsaiah 66:18-24The unstoppable gospel