July & August 2019





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Ian Hilder 25/08/2019_pm Psalm 89 How long Lord?
John Harris 25/08/2019_am Luke 14:1-24 The parable of the great supper – there is still room
Ian 18/08/2019_pm Psalm 89 How long Lord?
Neil Osborne 18/08/2019_am Proverbs 4 How we live for God in the world of today
Simon 11/08/2019_pm Revelation 19:11-21 Christ wins the Cosmic Battle
Simon 11/08/2019_am John 4:39-45 Take God at his Word
Simon 04/08/2019_pm Revelation 19:1-10 Hallelujah
Ian 04/08/2019_am Matthew 6:13 For Yours is the kingdom, power and the glory forever. Amen
Simon 28/07/2019_pm Revelation 18 Babylon is Fallen
Simon 28/07/2019_am Romans 6:11-14 Fighting indwelling Sin
Simon 21/07/2019_pm 1 Peter 2:18-25 The cross
Ian 21/07/2019_am Matthew 6:13 Deliver us from temptation
Simon 14/07/2019_pm Revelation 17 Certain and strange defeat of a powerful and alluring enemy
Kiran Parabi 14/07/2019_am Luke 12:22-31 Seek the Kingdom of God and do not worry
Simon 07/07/2019_pm Revelation 16 How can we be ready for what is to come?
Kiran Parabi 07/07/2019_am 1 Kings 21 Injustice and the Grace of God