PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)YouTube Video
Andrew Birch27/02/2022 pmRomans 1:1-17Love the gospel
John Harris14/02/2016 amRomans 1:16The Gospel of Christ – the power of God
Ian Hilder30/10/16 amRomans 1:16-18Not ashamed of the gospel
Jack Milner30/05/10 pmRomans 1:16-17How to be right with God
Chris Boraston
25/09/2022 pmRomans 2:1-11The Grace and Good News of a Repentant Heart
Paul Taylor30/05/10 amRomans 2:1-2Don’t be conformed but transformed.
John Parsons17/08/14 amRomans 2:1-4How to be right with God
Paul Brunning13/12/2015 pmRomans 2:17-29
The changed heart
Simon Clarke07/06/2009 pmRomans 3The Total Depravity Of Man
Simon Clarke29/10/2023 pmRomans 3:10 – 4:8Are you ready to meet God?
Richard Inns11/09/11 pmRomans 3:19-26The righteousness and justice of God
Nigel Holmes02/01/2022 pmRomans 3:21-31, 16:25-27The Glory of God
Ian Hilder27/05/2018 amRomans 3:21-26To God be the glory
Andrew Birch24/10/2021 amRomans 4:8Gospel Accounting
Peter Rush31/05/2015 pmRomans 4:25
Our offences and our justification
Steve Swartz13/06/10 amRomans 5:1-2Assurance
Simon Clarke02/09/12 pmRomans 6Being set free
Simon Clarke08/07/2018 amRomans 6What is a Christian to do in the light of their remaining sin?
Simon Clarke20/11/11 pmRomans 6:2Live your life to God
Simon Clarke04/02/2024 pmRomans 6:1-14The Christians daily fight of faith
Simon Clarke17/07/16 pmRomans 6:11-13Dead to sin but alive to God
Simon Clarke28/07/2019_amRomans 6:11-14Fighting indwelling Sin
Simon Clarke03/01/2016 pmRomans 6:12
Don’t let sin reign
Simon Clarke24/01/2016 pmRomans 6:12
Don’t let sin reign
Tamas Moroz13/05/2018 amRomans 6:15-23Freedom
Simon Clarke25/03/07 pmRomans 6:17-18Slavery
Jack Milner
26/05/13 pmRomans 7:14Led by the Spirit
Ian Hilder01/05/16 pmRomans 8:1No Condemnation
Ian Hilder08/04/2018 amRomans 8:1-12Resurrection now and resurrection to come
Ian Hilder19/08/2018 pmRomans 8:12-17Sons and daughters of God
Ian Hilder09/09/2018 pmRomans 8v18Is it worth it?
John Harris
28/08/2022 amRomans 8:18-39Why is the world no longer universally good?
Ian Hilder14/10/2018 amRomans 8:26-28What we don’t know and what we do know
Ian Hilder10/03/19 amRomans 8:28-30God’s eternal purpose
Ian Hilder17/03/19 amRomans 8:31-39More than conquerors
Paul Brunning08/03/2015 pmRomans 8:13-14Warfare
Simon Clarke22/04/07 pmRomans 8:18Suffering and Glory
Jack Milner08/02/2009 pmRomans 8:24-25The certainty of the Christian’s hope
Paul Olise20/01/2008 pmRomans 8:28All things work together for good
Simon Clarke06/05/07 pmRomans 8:18-22The hope of the believer expressed in creation
Simon Clarke13/05/07 pmRomans 8:23Groaning for Glory
Simon Clarke20/05/07 pmRomans 8:24-25The Christian Hope
Simon Clarke03/06/07 pmRomans 8:26-27The Spirit also helps
Mike Stringer29/04/07 amRomans 8:32He spared not His Son
Ian Hilder28/05/2017 amRomans 8:32Divine love divine logic!
Roger Hitchings10/05/2015 pmRomans 8:34
Are you safe?
John Harris10/08/14 amRomans 10:1Need of salvation for my religious friend
Simon Clarke
31/03/13 pmRomans 10:9The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke14/01/2024 pmRomans 12:1-21The Post Office Scandal
Jack Milner18/11/12 pmRomans 12:1-2Be transformed
Nathan Pomeroy27/12/2009 pmRomans 12:1-2Being wise in the world
Paul Olise05/06/11 amRomans 12:2Do not conform to this world but be transformed
Peter Beale31/05/2015 amRomans 12:1-6
Living sacrifices to God
Mike Stringer18/09/11 pmRomans 12:1-8Prepare for service
Simon Clarke05/03/2017 pmRomans 13:1-7 &
1 Peter 2:13-17
A family of Christ
Paul Watts24/11/13 pmRomans 15:13A prayer of Paul
Neil Osborne28/02/2016 pmRomans 16:1-2Saints
Simon Clarke28/07/2019_pmRevelation 18Babylon is Fallen
Simon Clarke04/08/2019_pmRevelation 19:1-10Hallelujah
Simon Clarke11/08/2019_pmRevelation 19:11-21Christ wins the Cosmic Battle
Simon Clarke22/04/2018 pmRomans 28:17-31The unchained gospel