January & February 2020





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Simon Clarke 23/02/2020_pm Acts 26:1-20 Spiritual eye surgery
Simon Clarke 23/02/2020_am Joshua 10 The battle at Gibeon
Ian Hilder 16/02/2020_pm Hebrews 2:9-18 Not ashamed
Neil Osborne 16/02/2020_am Genesis 3, 4:1-16 God’s questions
Peter Hilder 09/02/2020_pm Matthew 6:19-34 Your review before God
Simon Clarke 09/02/2020_am Joshua 9 The covenant
Ian Hilder 02/02/2020_pm Matthew 6:1-18  Fasting
Simon Clarke 02/02/2020_am Joshua 8:30-35 The uncomfortable and privilege of worship
Simon Clarke 26/01/2020_am Joshua 8:1-29 The beauty and blessing of obedience
Ian Hilder 19/01/2020_pm Hebrews 4:12-16 Without sin
Simon Clarke 19/01/2020_am Joshua 7 The sin of  Achan
John Harris 12/01/2020_pm Mark 10:46-52 Blind Bartimaeus
John Harris 12/01/2020_am Mark 10:17-21  Eternal life
Ian Hilder 05/01/2020_pm Mark 4:35-41 The Storm
Ian Hilder 05/01/2020_am Job 28 Where can wisdom be found