PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)Video – Link to YouTube
John Harris03/04/2022 pmExodus 1-2:10What of the Egyption experience?
Paul Taylor02/08/2009 pmExodus 4Moses’ excuses
Daniel Webber14/01/07 amExodus 5:22-23The need for reassurance
Benny Clark04/02/07 amExodus 7
Benny Clark01/04/07 amExodus 13The Passover of the firstborn
Simon Clarke03/03/2024 amExodus 17Spiritual warfare
Simon Clarke
08/02/2015 amExodus 17:1-7The abundance of God’s provision. Christ the Rock
Jay Modha12/07/2015 pmExodus 17:8-16
The priority, power, price and privilege of prayer
Julian Hurst14/09/14 amExodus 18The danger of a one man ministry
Benny Clark03/06/07 amExodus 20:8The Christian Sabbath
Matthew Hill25/05/2008 amExodus 27The Tabernacle
Kevin Ball12/05/2024 amExodus 24 & 32Look to Christ the better sacrifice
Frans Alberts
31/05/2009 amExodus 34:6-8Why God is worthy of our worship