Revelation – Simon Clarke

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)
Simon Clarke04/11/2018 amRevelation 1:1-8Jesus Christ is much more glorious than you recognise
Simon Clarke11/11/2018 amRevelation 1:9-20The sight that keeps us going
Simon Clarke18/11/2018 pmRevelation 2:1-7How to save a threatened church from closure
Simon Clarke25/11/2018 pmRevelation 2:8-11When death isn’t the end of the story
Simon Clarke02/12/2018 pmRevelation 2:12-17Be on your guard
Simon Clarke09/12/2018 amRevelation 2:18-29Be sure you share in the eternal glory and reign of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke16/12/2018 amRevelation 3:1-6The Church of Sardis
Simon Clarke23/12/2018 pmRevelation 3:7-13The unparalleled blessings that lay beyond an Open Door
Simon Clarke30/12/2018 pmRevelation 3:14-22The desires of Christ to the nauseating church
Simon Clarke06/01/2019 am
Revelation 4You are to behold and worship Him who sits on the throne
Simon Clarke13/01/2019 amRevelation 5Worthy is the Lamb
Simon Clarke20/01/2019 pmRevelation 6What is the world coming to?
Simon Clarke27/01/2019 amRevelation 7 How wonderful Christ is to those who believe
Simon Clarke03/02/2019 pmRevelation 8:1Listen to the sound of silence
Simon Clarke10/02/2019 pmRevelation 8:2-12Judgement in response to prayer
Simon Clarke17/02/2019 pmRevelation 8:13-9:21A darkness that is to enlighten us
Simon Clarke24/02/2019 pmRevelation 10The bitter sweet work of the church
Simon Clarke24/03/2019 pmRevelation 11:1-14Persevere in personal witnessing
Simon Clarke31/03/2019 amRevelation 11:14-19The Kingdom proclaimed
Simon Clarke07/04/2019 amRevelation 12
The bruising battle
Simon Clarke14/04/2019 pmRevelation 13
You are to be patient, faithful and wise
Simon Clarke09/06/2019_pmRevelation 14:1-5
The Victorious Lamb on the Throne
Simon Clarke16/06/2019_pmRevelation 14:6-13The Coming Judgement
Simon Clarke23/06/2019_pmRevelation 14:14-20Be prepared for the final harvest
Simon Clarke30/06/2019_pmRevelation 15The joy at judgement
Simon Clarke07/07/2019_pmRevelation 16How can we be ready for what is to come?
Simon Clarke14/07/2019_pmRevelation 17Certain and strange defeat of a powerful and alluring enemy
Simon Clarke28/07/2019_pmRevelation 18Babylon is Fallen
Simon Clarke04/08/2019_pmRevelation 19:1-10Hallelujah
Simon Clarke11/08/2019_pmRevelation 19:11-21Christ wins the Cosmic Battle
Simon Clarke01/09/2019_amRevelation 20:1-103 ways to spend your millennium
Simon Clarke08/09/2019_amRevelation 20:11-15The judgement we all will face
Simon Clarke15/09/2019_amRevelation 21:1-8All things made new
Simon Clarke22/09/2019_pm
Revelation 21:9-27The new Jerusalem
Simon Clarke29/09/2019_amRevelation 22:1-5The new Eden
Simon Clarke06/10/2019_amRevelation 22:6-15Be ready
Simon Clarke13/10/2019_amRevelation 22:16-21Understanding Revelation