1 Samuel – Andrew Birch

PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play audioLink to YouTube Video
Andrew Birch19/06/2022 pm1 Samuel 1Hannah and the birth of Samuel
Andrew Birch10/07/2022 am1 Samuel 2:1-11Prayer – examples in scripture – Hannah
Andrew Birch24/07/2022 am1 Samuel 2:12-36Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners
Andrew Birch09/10/2022 am1 Samuel 3The Word of the Lord
Andrew Birch06/11/2022 am1 Samuel 4Tragic NewsVideo
Andrew Birch27/11/2022 pm1 Samuel 5How can we be at peace with GodVideo
Andrew Birch19/03/2023 pm1 Samuel 6:1 – 7:2What attributes do you give to God today?Video
Andrew Birch30/04/2023 pm1 Samuel 7:2-17He can turn our mourning into dancing
Andrew Birch30/07/2023 am1 Samuel 8Is the LORD really your King?
Andrew Birch28/01/2024 am1 Samuel 9 & 10Who is your King?
Andrew Birch18/02/2024 am1 Samuel 11:1-15A saviour and the Saviour