November & December 2017





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Ian Hilder 31/12/2017 pm 2 Peter 3:18a Are you growing?
Simon Clarke 31/12/2017 am Acts 20:17-38 How will you live in 2018?
Ian Hilder 25/12/2017 Matthew 2:1-12 Where are you?
Ian Hilder 24/12/2017 pm Luke 2:12 The sign of the swaddling cloths and the manger
Simon Clarke 24/12/2017 am Hebrews 9:11-28 Marvel at the appearing of Jesus
Simon Clarke 17/12/2017 pm Carol Service 2017 What difference does Christmas make for you?
Ian Hilder 17/12/2017 am John 1:15 The Word became flesh
Simon Clarke 10/12/2017 am Acts 19:21-22 & 20:1-17 For the love of the Church
Simon Clarke 03/12/2017 pm Acts 19:8-20 How the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed
Ian Hilder 26/11/2017 pm Isaiah 29 Repentance the gateway to God’s blessing
Simon Clarke 19/11/2017 pm Acts 18:24-28 How potential is released
Simon Clarke 19/11/2017 am Acts 18:18-23 Paul’s return to Antioch
Simon Clarke 12/11/2017 pm Acts 18:1-17 Paul at Corinth
Ian Hilder 12/11/2017 pm Isaiah 28 Christ our Crown and Cornerstone
Ian Hilder 05/11/2017 pm Mark 2:1-12 What is your deepest need?
Ian Hilder 05/11/2017 am Isaiah 27 In that Day