November & December 2019





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Simon Clarke 29/12/2019_pm Joshua 5:13-7:1 Jericho – How the war was won
Simon Clarke 29/12/2019_am Acts 1:9-11 The comings of the Lord Jesus Christ
Ian Hilder 22/12/2019_pm Luke 2:10-11 The best news of all
David Donegani 22/12/2019_am Luke 1:5-79 What of the days in which we live?
Simon Clarke 15/12/2019_pm Joshua 5:2-12 Re-Fresh
Ian Hilder 15/12/2019_am Proverbs 26:13-16 Sloth
Simon Clarke 08/12/2019_pm Joshua 3-5:1 The importance of remembering the works of God
Simon Clarke 08/12/2019_am Isaiah 8:19-9:7 The very best of governments
Simon Clarke 01/12/2019_pm Joshua 2 Rahab – find life through faith
Ian Hilder 01/12/2019_am 1 Corinthians 10:31 Gluttony
Simon Clarke 24/11/2019_pm Joshua 1:10-18 We will
Simon Clarke 24/11/2019_am John 11:1-44 What’s your answer to death?
Simon Clarke 17/11/2019_pm Mark 2:1-12 Who do you say Jesus is?
Ian Hilder 17/11/2019_am Luke 12:13-34 Greed
Simon Clarke 10/11/2019_pm Joshua 1:1-9 God’s Unfailing Promises
Simon Clarke 10/11/2019_am Psalm 25 Remembrance Day
Simon Clarke 03/11/2019_pm Ephesians 1:1-14 Believers – This is what is gloriously true of you
Ian Hilder 03/11/2019_am 2 Samuel 11,12:1-14 Lust