PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to play (right click to download)YouTube Video
Mike Stringer19/10/14 pmNehemiah 1:1Your country needs you
Barrie Cooke26/03/2023 pmNehemiah 1:1-11Just another day
Barrie Cooke21/05/2023 pmNehemiah 2The character of Nehemiah the man
Barrie Cooke29/10/2023 pmNehemiah 3How to buildVideo
Kevin Ball26/06/11 amNehemiah 1,2,3,4Building the Church
Barrie Cooke
11/09/2022 amNehemiah 8Responding to the Word
Kevin Ball22/07/2007 amNehemiah 9:7-8Listen here
Mike Stringer27/07/2008 amNehemiah 2:11-12Hands that do the good work