PreacherDateTextTitle – left click to playLink to YouTube Video
Simon Clarke04/12/16 amMatthew 1:1-17The genealogy of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke11/12/16 amMatthew 1:16 – 2:23Jesus’ birth from the perspective of Joseph
Simon Clarke12/07/2020Matthew 1:18-25What you need to know about Jesus of Nazareth.
Simon Clarke18/12/16 amMatthew 2What is your response to the birth of Christ?
Bruce Powell02/12/07 pmMatthew 1:1-17Christ the Son of Abraham the Son of David
Simon Clarke
17/11/13 amMatthew 1:21Jesus – He will save His people from their sins
Simon Clarke17/12/2023 amMatthew 2:1-23
What is written in scripture is to lead to worship from the heart
Jay Modha15/09/13 pmMatthew 2:1-6King Jesus
Ian Hilder25/12/2017Matthew 2:1-12Where are you?
Nathan Pomeroy29/07/2007 pmMatthew 4:1-11Man shall not live by bread alone
Simon Clarke22/07/12 pmMatthew 4:12Forgive our sins as we forgive our debtors
Richard Carvell18/03/12 pmMatthew 5:3Blessed are the poor in spirit
Stan Braybrook
08/02/2015 pmMatthew 5:5,8The sermon on the Mount
Paul Olise08/09/13 pmMatthew 5:8Pure in Heart
Tim Berry19/06/11 pmMatthew 5:13-16Your faith, Private or Public?
Huw Mitchell14/06/2015 amMatthew 5:13-16Salt & Light
Simon Clarke20/06/10 pmMatthew 5:13-16 & 5:43-6:34The fatherhood of God
Benny Clark
21/01/07 pmMatthew 6Listen
Ian Hilder02/02/2020_pm
Matthew 6:1-18Fasting
Ian Hilder28/04/19_am
Matthew 6:1-18Our Father in heaven
Ian Hilder12/05/2019_amMatthew 6:1-18Hallowed be your name
Ian Hilder19/05/2019_amMatthew 6:1-18Your kingdom
Ian Hilder09/06/2019_amMatthew 6:1-18Give us this day our daily Bread
Ian Hilder23/06/2019_amMatthew 6:1-18Forgiveness by God
Ian Hilder21/07/2019_amMatthew 6:13Deliver us from temptation
Ian Hilder04/08/2019_amMatthew 6:13For Yours is the kingdom, power and the glory forever. Amen
Simon Clarke06/05/12 pmMatthew 6:5-14Prayer
Simon Clarke17/06/12 pmMatthew 6:5-14Pray: Hallowed be Your name
Barrie Cooke06/11/2022 pmMatthew 6:5-14How to prayVideo
Peter Hilder09/02/2020_pmMatthew 6:19-34Your review before God
Simon Clarke01/07/12 pmMatthew 6:10Your Kingdom Come
Simon Clarke15/07/12 pmMatthew 6:10Your will be done
Hugh Collier20/07/2008 pmMatthew 6:12Daily Petition
Simon Clarke26/08/12 pmMatthew 6:13Why we should pray in the manner, following the model prayer
Paul Olise21/11/10 pmMatthew 6:19-34Anxiety
Simon Clarke02/01/11 pmMatthew 6:33Your first priority
Alan Stenfalt13/09/2015 pmMatthew 7:21-27
Christ’s warning “I never knew you”
Simon Clarke08/01/12 pmMatthew 8:1-4The encounter of a leper with Christ
Paul Olise21/11/10 amMatthew 9:16-26Desire for Eternal Life
Paul Olise05/06/11 pmMatthew 9:35-38A duty of every Christian
Jonathan Robinson27/08/2017 amMatthew 9:35-38The Lord of the Harvest
Simon Clarke26/09/10 pmMatthew 9:37-38Spiritual Harvest
Simon Clarke22/03/2009 pmMatthew10:34-40Lessons from examples of motherhood
Simon Clarke
28/04/13 pmMatthew 11:1-6Doubt
Bill Paterson17/07/11 pmMatthew 11:1-6Who do you say Christ is?
John Harris11/03/07 pmMatthew 11:28Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden
Simon Clarke02/11/2008 pmMatthew 11:28The invitation to come
Simon Clarke30/09/2018 amMatthew 11:28Come to me
Simon Clarke07/10/2018 amMatthew 11:29-30The greatest lesson you will ever learn
Simon Clarke12/04/2009 pmMatthew 12:40The sign of Easter
Simon Clarke20/05/2018 pmMatthew 12:34-42The parable of the tares
Simon Clarke05/11/2023 pmMatthew 13:24-50, 22:1-14A weeping and gnashing of teethVideo
Simon Clarke03/06/2018 pmMatthew 13:31-32The Mustard seed parable
Simon Clarke10/06/2018 pmMatthew 13:33The parable of the yeast
Simon Clarke17/06/2018 amMatthew 13:44Put all your eggs in one basket
Simon Clarke24/06/2018 pmMatthew 13:45 & 46The pearl of great price
Simon Clarke01/07/2018 pmMatthew 13:47-51Take heart to the coming judgement
Simon Clarke15/04/2018 pmMatthew 13:10-17Parables – The joy of seein
Simon Clarke27/09/2009 amMatthew 13:24-30 & 36-43The parable of the wheat and tares
Simon Clarke29/04/12 pmMatthew 13:31-33The parables of the mustard seed and the leaven
Jack Milner
26/04/15 pmMatthew 13:36-43The parable of the tares
Peter Rush
11/02/07 pmMatthew 13:47-50The parable of the separation of the fish from within the dragnet
David Donegani03/09/2023 amMatthew 14Keep our eyes on Jesus
Roger Hitchings22/04/12 amMatthew 14:22-33Knowing Jesus
Simon Clarke21/09/2008 amMatthew 14:47-50The final harvest
John Harris23/10/2022 pmMatthew 15
Perseverance in prayer
Eric Alldritt30/11/14 pmMatthew 16:13-17Faith in Christ
Peter Milsom09/11/2008 amMatthew 16:24To follow Christ
Hugh Collier19/09/10 amMatthew 17:22-27Jesus predicts His death and pays his taxes
John Harris28/08/11 amMatthew 17:24-27The Temple tax
Simon Clarke08/07/2018 pmMatthew 18:23-34Forgiveness towards another brother in Christ
Simon Clarke15/07/2018 amMatthew 20:1-16Amazing Grace
Simon Clarke17/03/19_pm
Matthew 20:17-28Service
Simon Clarke13/05/12 pmMatthew 20:1-16The parable of the workers in the vineyard
Josh Harrison19/06/2022 amMatthew 6:5-15Our Father in heaven
Neville Swain14/08/11 amMatthew 20:17-19Jesus predicts his death and resurrection
Steve Carter28/03/10 pmMatthew 21:10Who is Jesus Christ?
Mike Stringer01/04/12 amMatthew 21:1-11What does Christ mean to you?
Simon Clarke17/04/11 pmMatthew 21:1-11Who is this Jesus?
Simon Clarke05/04/2020Matthew 21:1-11Have you recognised who Jesus really is?
Simon Clarke
24/03/13 pmMatthew 21:10Who is this Jesus?
Simon Clarke14/04/19_amMatthew 21:1-21Jesus. Who is this?
Roger Hitchings01/05/11 amMatthew 22:1-14Invitation to the Wedding Feast
Simon Clarke22/07/2018 pmMatthew 22:1-14Don’t refuse the invitation and don’t forget the dress code
Simon Clarke03/04/11 pmMatthew 25:1-13Being wise or being foolish
Jay Modha03/08/14 amMatthew 25:1-13Are you ready for the Day of Judgement?
Simon Clarke05/08/2018 amMatthew 25:14-30Parable of the Talents
Simon Clarke26/08/2018 pmMatthew 25:31-46Be assured and be ready
Simon Clarke20/11/2022 pmMatthew 26:42Christ drank down the cupVideo
Kevin Ball12/05/2024 pmMatthew 26:36-465 encouragements of prayer
Jonathan Robinson17/05/2015 pmMatthew 26:38-39
The exceeding agony of Christ in Gethsemane
Simon Clarke09/04/2023 amMatthew 27:35 – 28:1-20He is not here for he is risen
Neville Swain27/02/11 pmMatthew 27:42-43Christ taunted on the cross
Daniel Webber10/02/2008 amMatthew 27:45-46The forsakenness of Christ
Simon Clarke27/03/11 amMatthew 27:46Abandonment
Simon Clarke05/11/2023 amMatthew 28:1-20Why are we to make disciples of Christ?Video
Simon Clarke26/02/2023 amMatthew28:1-20Make disciplesVideo
Simon Clarke31/03/2024 amMatthew28:1-20Easter changes everything. Is it real?
Ian Hilder01/04/2018 amMatthew 28:1-15The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke08/04/07 amMatthew 28:1-10The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Simon Clarke04/04/10 amMatthew 28:1-10Jesus Christ is risen from the dead
Simon Clarke
05/04/15 amMatthew 28:1-10The empty tomb
Simon Clarke16/04/2017 amMatthew 28:1-10Rejoice
Simon Clarke08/04/12 amMatthew 28:6The Resurrection
Simon Clarke12/04/2009 amMatthew 28:7He has risen from the dead
Simon Clarke19/11/2023 amMatthew 28:18-20What IS a disciple of Jesus?